Interview with the IPHS Planning Committee Chairman – Lawal Abdulrahman

Medivoice: Firstly, can we meet you, please? 

I am Lawal Abdulrahman, the planning committee chairperson for the third edition of the International Public health symposium (IPHS). 

Medivoice: Could you tell us more about IPHS?

The IPHS is the International Public health symposium; this is its third edition. The first edition happened in 2019 in Jos, Plateau state, and the second in Kaduna, Kaduna state, in 2021. However, the 2020’s symposium did not hold due to the covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown. The third edition will take place in the ancient city of Ibadan from the 16th of November to the 20th of November. 

Medivoice: The theme for the summit is “Repositioning Developing nations for sustainable global health transformation. ” How did you come up with this theme, and why this theme? 

IPHS seeks to solve existential health crises by bringing along conversations and discussions where medical students, health experts, and professionals across the country can come together and proffer solutions. We aim to look into trend-setting ideas that can bring about new changes in the health sector, even as a student event. In addition, we would be looking retrospectively since it’s been two years since the covid-19 pandemic. Of course, currently, some nations seem to have recovered, and some have some disruptive elements in their health sector.

Also, in 2020, the United Nations set a goal for sustainable development. While some nations are close to hitting their target, others have not. If we examine the situation critically, we will agree that most of the nations far from their sustainable development targets are low-income countries. Followed by developing nations. This is why we have decided to hold discussions about how we can reposition some of these nations after the covid-19 to ensure they can have sustainable development.  

Medivoice: How did you come up with the list of speakers for the events? What should delegates expect from the speakers at the Symposium? 

We looked at our subthemes, and there are about nine of them. One on the Covidization of global health progress, revamping primary healthcare, and Assisted reproductive technology, to mention a few. By examining these themes, we will agree these are major health challenges. Since this is the international public health symposium, we pride ourselves in bringing in well-experienced speakers that transcend the local level of understanding. We looked nationally and internationally for speakers in experience, diversity of culture, and where they practice. 

So we will bring on a number of them for each subtheme we have lined up for discussion. We have someone like Professor Oladapo Ashiru, who, as of today, is the youngest African man to become a professor in medicine at the age of 32. He is also very vast in assisted reproductive technology and has pioneered some works on IVF and assisted reproductive technology. These are the calibre of people we’re bringing to the Symposium. 

Another person is professor Kamal. 

Medivoice: What public health issues do you seek to address in this year’s IPHS? 
On the public health issues we seek to address, we have quite a number of them that we used in forming our subthemes. 

  • Epidemiology and Antimicrobial Resistance: the one Health Approach to Attaining Global Health Security;
  • Vaccine Inequity: Making a Case for Developing Nations in Fighting Communicable Diseases with;
  • Winning the Battle with Reinforcement: Long-term Solutions and Policy Implementation on the Burden of Cancer and Other NCDs;
  • Ending the Neglect: Evaluating Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and Climate Action for Colossal Awakening on Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) in Developing Countries;
  • The Covidization of Global Health Progress: strengthening Health System for Pandemic Preventing, Preparedness, and Catholic Nations;
  • Policies and Mass Adoption: Kindling A Gleam of Hope Through Assisted Reproduction Technologies (ART) in Developing Nation;
  • Revamping Primary Health Care for Universal Health Coverage;
  • Tackling Health Inequities: Improving Healthcare Financing and Advancing Social Determinants of Health in Low-And Middle-Income Countries (LMICs);
  • Modern Medicine: Grappling Technology to Fast-Track Global Health Equity in Developing Nations.

Medivoice: Also, what other things should delegates expect from this summit?

Delegates should expect to have an awesome time at the summit. Firstly, they would have the opportunity to meet with globally recognized health professionals and connect with them. Also, These speakers will be leading discussions on popular public health challenges, and we will be setting new trends for public health issues. 

Medivoice: “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.” So, what social events should every delegate look out for this year?

Yes, all work without play makes someone a dull person. So, of course, we have plans for social activities. There will be excursions and tours around the ancient city of Ibadan. There will be a grand dinner, games, and many more activities. Then delegates will be able to network with themselves and meet new people, network with international and national speakers and generally catch fun.

Medivoice: How has planning IPHS been so far? 

The planning has been going quite well, and the planning committee has been doing a wonderful job. Every team member is working hard to ensure that we give our delegates a wholesome experience. The Planning Committee and the Local organizing committee are doing a fantastic job of ensuring we achieve this. 

Medivoice: Are there any challenges you and the other planning committee members have faced in the past few weeks?

Our major challenge so far is getting as many people as possible to understand that this event is wholesome. We have been doing our best to ensure you get the best of experience, and as many people as possible should look to get the best from the Symposium. I also want to use this medium to appeal to everyone that whenever they hear about the summit, they talk to their friends about it, tell them about the benefit of attending and, if possible, coming together. 

Medivoice: Is there any other message you would love to pass to registered delegates and those contemplating attending the Symposium?

Yes, to all registered delegates and delegates still contemplating, if you look through our publicity materials, you will agree that it is a well-packed event. It is the event that we have all been waiting for, and you will get a wonderful experience from Wednesday to Sunday. You can be sure that you will be equipped professionally and socially, enjoy yourself, and network-wise, you will meet awesome people.

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