The ‘Mid-Semester Break’ : Yay or Nay? (Vox-Pop)

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Covid Break- Shut down Break- Mid-Semester break (ASUU strike)

For us in OAU, the ASUU strike break started as a camouflaged two weeks Mid-Semester break that started on the 28th of March. Eventually, it proceeded to an indefinite break which the two Part 4 classes joined close to two months later.

In this Vox-Pop, 11 IFUMSAites anonymously share their mid-semester break experience and how they feel about the sudden resumption.

I guess I could say the break was both an opportunity for growth and an astounding waste of time for me. I had the chance to be involved in a student-doctor observation at a top-notch hospital and it was honestly one of the highlights of the break as I was able to meet some amazing people in the medical field and see first hand some interesting cases. I also had the chance to begin addressing some factors that’d determine the course my immediate future would take and I can honestly say I’m looking forward to the upcoming months to see if my prospects get the desired upgrade. So…….. blessing and curse if I’m being curt.

Anonymous, Part 4 new (Exypnos Medicos)

I have mixed feelings about the resumption. Being sucked back into the busy Med school life isn’t something to look forward to, but I want to graduate early.I did a lot during the break, from writing to learning new skills and gaining some pounds. Plus, I got over my fear of driving. I won’t lie; I enjoyed every moment of the holiday but do I want to spend that long away from school life as an undergrad ever again? Absolutely not!


I’m excited to resume We’ve been away for way too long

Anonymous (Magna Medico), Part 1

Well, I spent mine in my father’s house. Took some online courses,
Worked as an academic consult with major exam bodies in Nigeria. Nothing much

Anonymous (Tenacious Class)

On resumption…
I wanted ASUU to call off the strike and was happy when they did but then gbam, school fixed a date all of a sudden. Ogbafemi how far an? What did I do during the break? Hmmm…
Sleep, wake up, flex and on some days, make some little cash 😅

Anonymous (Stalwart Class)

😂😂…not that interesting. All I did was work, sleep, and eat😂. Thank God for Abuad convention that took me out of home.

Anon (Magna Medicos)

Initially, I wanted to resume but now that we’ve resumed I feel tired in advance😪. The break has made me lazy.😒

Anon, Part 4 (Exypnos Medicos)

I don’t remember how I spent the first few months of the break. Aside chilling, watching Korean movies and sleeping for long hours🙃🙃😅. But after that I think I woke up, made money from freelancing. Bought lots of shoes and went to church a lot😅😅. At least I maximized the last three months for church activities.

Anon, part 3.

I saw the break as a Part 2 of the COVID break. So I was determined to make the best of it from the beginning. I spent my break in Ife and learnt some physical skills, made money from some jobs. But I’m particularly glad for the time I had to build my freelancing career

Anon, Part 4 (Exypnos Medicos)

As for me I’m really not a fan of the resumption. I was hoping resumption would be in January.
The break took a toll on my mental health but it also turned out to be very productive. I started a jewelery business and delved into network marketing. I also took a few online courses and omo the number of online programs I registered for and attended ehn… I didn’t attend all sha.
Now that school has resumed I have to balance everything I’ve started with school work and I’m dreading it, but I know I’ll be fine las las.

Anon, Part 3 (Unicus)

The break has been a lot of things for me; annoying, crazy, eventful ( because I’ve visited almost all my family members in Lagos already, and I’ve attended owambes like never before, almost every Saturday), resourceful (I picked up a job, learnt some new stuffs – non academic- and gained new skills too), depressing ( lol, I hate to say it, but sometimes I just be swimming in my own thoughts, and I just get tired of everything, and then reality dawns on me that I’m just a broke simple being), interesting ( I get to meet new people too), and a lot of things…

Anonymous – part 4

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