Amidst much argument about whether or not it’s responsible for the police to go after ‘yahoo boys’ when yahoo politicians are currently wrecking the nation, Medivoice decided to take to the social media streets and ask our readers what they think. Here’s what they said.

Question: Should the police/EFCC focus more on corrupt politicians and reduce attention on internet fraudsters?

‘They should pay attention to them equally. Internet fraudsters cause serious trust issues when we leave the shores of Nigeria. Corrupt politicians cause stagnation in the affairs of the state.’- Mbah, Part Five Medicine

‘Yes, they should pay more attention to the corrupt politicians’- Princely, Part Four Medicine

‘The internet fraudsters dent our international image more than politicians, making it difficult for the hardworking Nigerians to be trusted online or even when working abroad. Nigerians are being excessively scrutinized for visa because of this. So maybe it’s very important to tackle the fraudsters more to show the world we’re curbing these acts and also change the perception the world has about us. I’ve read of people being shunned even during casual discussions because they are Nigerians online. Most politicians’ theft is more of an internal problem and although the monies may be huge I don’t think it has as much effect internationally as internet fraud has on us’- Abideen, Part Four Engineering

‘Yes, they should focus more on corrupt politicians. We don’t even have proper laws that protect us on the internet. They should focus more on people that can boldly claim some 36 million got stolen by a snake’- Osas, Part Three Psychology

‘No they shouldn’t. They should focus on all because they can’- Tomiwa, Part Five Engineering

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