VOX POP: Questions on rape culture

Amidst several discussions centering rape culture and how society views issues of rape and harassment, Medivoice decided to ask readers this week what they think of the implied relationship between dressing and the possibility of rape. Below are some responses.

Do you think rape can be blamed on the victim’s dressing?

‘Nope. It should be blamed on the madness of the rapist, totally and completely’ – Mike-Dave, Part Three

‘Na. Rape can’t be blamed on dressing else, women in hijabs wouldn’t be raped and little girls would be spared’ – Tosin, Part Six

‘The same way security is everyone’s responsibility so is prevention of rape everyone’s responsibility. Those who dress indecently predispose themselves to rape and other forms of sexual violence. To reduce the risk, modest form of dressing is very important. An individual who dressed provocatively has her own share of the blame.’ – Mbah, Old Part Four

‘Yes, it can be blamed on the victim’s dressing. But that’s so wrong, it shouldn’t. Rape is always an action that’s not void of intent and decision. While it can be argued that “indecent” dressing can evoke sexual urge, rape is still a conscious act and a man can easily avoid not to act on the urge. If my friend drives an expensive ride which I have interest in, its a crime if I steal it, my friend won’t be punished for ever flaunting it at my face.’ – Sam, New Part Four

‘It’s a no for me. There is no justifiable excuse for that inhumane act.’- Blessing, New Part Four

We want to know what you think, leave your comments below.

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