New World

Imagine a different world from the one we are in.

A world, where, matter doesn’t matter as much as the essence of matter.

A world, where, silence could convey a million words, a shared look, a thousand memories.

Where, an expression is more than just what it is.

Where words are felt, not just spoken.

Where the hustle to get isn’t as important as the hustle to be.

Where there is no hustle to be, because we already are.

Where beauty is perceived- in words, expressions, poise.

Where faces become a maze- nothing but the tricks of genetics.

Where laughter is music, and music is the essence.

Where essence is more than matter; it is the message of matter.

Where love is a song, a smile, an act, a gesture, not just a word.

Where words..are not just words.


Imagine a world where no one is limited to a planet, galaxy. A place where, just by allowing ourselves a moment of being one with The Universe, we can soar and reach places we’ve never been.

A place where it’s not about wanting to be, but being.

A place..where you and I, can finally be free.

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