If you are a lover of anything romantic, properly blended with sonorous and mind-blowing musical renditions or you are just someone like me in search of the perfect ambience to relax and hang out with amazing friends, then all roads would have led you to Oduduwa hall on Easter Sunday to enjoy this stage play put together by Muyiwa Adigun and his crew.
Pelumi, a widely known musical stage play by Muyiwa Adigun studios, had its first performance in 2012 and since then has been performed on the stages of various universities like OAU, FUTA, Adeyemi college of education and so on.
Let’s set aside the fact that rainbow, zip and I (Two of my very good friends) really had a nice time laughing, throwing banters on who amongst us had a significant half, was happily single or somewhere in between; or the fact that my darling Grace Aina who starred as Pelumi left everyone stunned with her breathtaking voice (oh my… those riffs and runs!) PELUMI2019 was a mouthful.
The event started around 5.20 pm and we were entertained by Tomisin, a spoken word poet, who laid the foundation for the evening’s event by performing a beautiful poem titled “Letter to the one i love”. Then Wole sax came on board to further send chills trickling down our spines with the perfomance of the classic “All of me” by John Legend.

The play had a pretty simple and straightforward storyline, which followed the story of Pelumi, a girl who was a victim of an emotionally abusive relationship and lacked the resolve to leave Jimi, the lover she couldn’t get enough of. She however found the courage to leave him later on (which was met with loud and thunderous cheers from the crowd) after which she met Adigun, whom she fell in love with and just as you guessed; they lived happily ever after, and the play ended with their wedding dance.
Beyond the ‘fairytale’, musical dialogues and all of that, pelumi2019 really accentuated the emotionally abusive relationships we sometimes find ourselves in. While most of the people in the crowd were somewhat irked when the pelumi character couldn’t stand up for herself and had to pray and cry to God to walk her through the torture, it saddens me that this is the reality of so many people around us. So please if you haven’t heard this enough, let’s all learn to walk away from toxic relationships and most importantly, learn to love yourself abundantly.
That’s all for events report this week! Hope y’all enjoyed it

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