Doctor Plus 5.0: A Confluence of Health and Tech (Event Report)

Doctor Plus 5.0 was supposed to be a conflux of health, and technology. However, students from various disciplines formed its tributaries.

Doctor Plus 5.0 is the fifth edition of an annual event organized by Obafemi Awolowo University Medical Students Association (IFUMSA). IFUMSA’s sole purpose in establishing the event is to essentially explore, enlighten, and shed light on the paths medical students can tread alongside medicine and beyond medicine.

It is also to create dynamic medical doctors who would be inspired to think outside the dissection of cadavers, and the four walls of clinics to solve healthcare problems. Additionally, as the name implies, it is to make the future doctors, “Doctor plus other things.”

Further, Doctor Plus 5.0, which is the 5th edition explored the theme: Health, and Technology. The event was held on Saturday, 22nd July 2023. It had in attendance, panelists, and speakers, who are dynamic healthcare professionals, and captains of the healthcare industry from across the world.

Also, the Provost of the College of Health Sciences, Prof. Kayode Babatope, and the H.OD of internal medicine, Prof. Mrs. Komolafe were present. Dr. Olukoya filled in for the Dean of Basic Medical Sciences.

The event featured an innovation challenge cum pitching contest; three panel sessions and a keynote address. Moreover, the sessions revolved around how to harness existing and emerging technologies to solve healthcare problems.

The event began a few minutes past eleven with the Provost’s inaugural address. The Provost, in his address, commended IFUMSA. He implored students to think beyond stethoscopes and lab coats. He also appreciated the speakers and encouraged the individuals present to listen attentively and think of ways to impact society. Meanwhile, He concluded the address by reminding IFUMSites of the instituted 100k professional fee.

The Panel Sessions

The first panel session began earnestly after the Provost’s address. The vibrant Charity Mosinmiloluwa Olofinsao moderated the session, and the panelists were: Dr. Dolapo Amusan, Dr. Kieva Amusan, and Mr. Divine-gift Soetan. The panelists discussed extensively how emerging technologies could be used to address the challenges facing the healthcare system, especially in Nigeria.

The Keynote Speech

At the time the panel session was about to reach its climax, the keynote speaker, Ms. Jennie Nwokoye arrived. Ms. Jennie Nwokoye, the CEO of Clafiya delivered her address on: “Understanding Why”. She spoke extensively on choosing a purpose-driven career. Moreover, she mentioned how her experiences influenced the founding of Clafiya. Consequently, an employee of Clafiya enlightened the attendees on the services and activities of the company.

Second panel session:

Furthermore, the second panel session immediately followed Ms. Jennie’s speech. Sopade Oluwafunmilayo moderated the session with a brilliant pizzaz. The panelists included: Dr. Olawale Ogunlana; Mr. Quazeem Oladejo; Dr. Joy Aifuobhokhan; Dr. Adewunmi Akingbola, and Mr. Oluwasegun Oladeji. The intriguing session enlightened the attendees on how to break into the tech space as a medical student.

Third panel session:

The third panel session had the distinguished Temitayo Femi-Mathew as the moderator. The discussion centered around the impact of emerging technologies in advancing healthcare. Ms. Jennie Nwokoye; Dr. Adeoluwa Olowookere, and Dr. Kamil Ajagbe were the panelists who dissected the topic effectively.

The Innovation challenge

Obinna Adalalolom unveiled the innovation challenge and declared it open. The challenge involved six teams: Healthify; TeamSync; Medisync(Healthnovate); Medtech Innovators; Workspace Doctors, and Team Isis” from different schools even as far as Ogun state.

The teams contested fiercely, and three teams emerged as the winning teams. Team Isis emerged as the winner of the challenge. In addition, Medisync, and Team Sync from Unimed, and OOU took second, and third respectively.

Finally, Doctor Plus 5.0 ended with the presentation of commendation certificates to the panelists, and the members of the Local Organizing Committee for their outstanding efforts. An enlightening, eye-opening, and inspiring event like Doctor Plus 5.0 is not one to hold once a year.

Below are the comments of the panelists:

Dr. Dolapo Amusan: “It was good, and I am very excited to see the intersection of medicine, and technology.”

Dr. Kieva Amusan: “ The event was good and phenomenal. It is a call for doctors to rise and do more.”

Dr. Joy Aifuobhokhan: “It was really nice to see the incorporation of technology and health. I wish I had this when I was studying.”

Medivoice interviewed the winning teams on how they felt about winning:

Team Isis (1st place): “Winning actually showed that our solution is valid. We can Push more. I am very grateful, and happy.”

Medisync (2nd place): “It is the culmination of our team’s effort, and I am very happy about winning.”

Team Sync: “I am really happy, and excited.”

The attendees of the event also had amazing things to say about the event:

Zubair Mubarak (Part 2 Dentistry):

“It was an eye-opener to the enormous opportunities embedded in the application of technology to Healthcare.”

Adebamijoko Yusuf (Part 3, MRH)

“It was nice, educative, and extremely enlightening. It also provided an avenue for networking.”

Olabisi Precious (Part 2, Medicine):

“It was eye-opening, and inspiring seeing people in the health-tech space and their great achievements.”

IFUMSA really cooked, and they cooked so well that those who attended never ceased to talk about its culinary.

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