Of Drinks and Fights

Everyone who has experienced OAU even for a little while knows by now, that no hangout or student-organized event is complete without punch.Yes the drink mix, with fruit cuts ( We are much too wimpy for fights). Freshmen orientation, mountaineering, lecture-theater movie showings, fellowship picnics, you name it and punch shall make an appearance.

One would think it’s recipe is found on the first page of the student handbook that very few people read. Maybe it is, because that would explain why some taste so great and  sometimes one has the misfortune of soaking up some brown, overly sweetened water with unidentified fruit cuts (UFCs) or bless your luck, orange coloured ,nice smelling, tasteless let down.  God help you if your newest friend or crush made it and the person keeps offering you more. (Actually,OAU people have no chill, they’ll reject it as fast as Thanos’ fingers snap)

A very close second would be Zobo, pretty much iced hibiscus tea, but that requires more effort and is by far healthier, so, far be it from students, especially if they are not making money off it. The creme de la creme of mix drinks would be Zobo punch, our very own purple hibiscus! A mix of the goodies that make punch and the effort that makes Zobo. I would have included a recipe but it wouldn’t be mine so I’d just encourage you to check online if you are interested. There is a wide array to suit your taste and budget.

There have been gatherings where good ol’ punch is being served, but at random,a friend categorically instructs another not to drink the punch, this usually means it’s spiked with something, usually alcohol but definitely not limited to. People have been and are constantly being drugged at events that serve open drinks. These drugged people have been defrauded, raped, and have been put in life threatening situations. These stories hardly make it out of the circle and when they do, are swept under the rug.

It is our duty to be watchful and constantly protect ourselves and loved ones at events especially but not limited to ones that serve open drinks. Here are some tips

  • Don’t go if you don’t know. It is with faux tears that I announce to you that your party crashing days are over. It is not advisable to go for events you were not invited to and can’t vouch for. It could be a planned orgy or even an organized crime scene, with criminals lying in wait for prey. If you are an invited guest, it’s usually smarter to go with someone you trust or sit with friends.
  • If it seems shady, leave: I absolutely understand peer pressure and FOMO and YOLO. These are all the reasons why you would attend an event you are not interested in. Maybe you are and it’s your thing, that’s fine too. But the moment you notice that some things don’t add up, Biko pack your things and leave. Take your people with you too.
  • Trust your sensory organs ; if your drink smells or tastes off, it probably is. Stop drinking immediately and tell your trusted friend or date what you noticed and keep an eye out for possible symptoms like drowsiness, nausea, slurred speech, and hyperactivity.

Be safe and drink Zobo.


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