Egg It!

No, I didn’t say you should pelt your neighbour’s house with eggs (uhmm, well, if they deserve it and you can afford it, who am I to stop you?🤷).

But have you ever stayed so long away from home, missing how you got the variety of everything? The best of dishes? But here you are now, just rice and beans and spaghetti and then back to rice, an endless circle of bland dishes.

Oh😰😰, please sulk no more, today we’re going to dive into the different ways to prepare eggs for sole consumption or alongside meals. 

What? Did you just say “what other ways can one prepare eggs apart from boiling and frying?” Ohh, you don’t know about it.

By the time we’re done, you’d have changed your mind😊😊😊.

Ok, let’s Egg it!

Bonus: I have added a youtube link to each method to make it easier for y’all.

1. Basted Eggs

Basted eggs

These are popularly the easiest eggs to make at home, it involves a mixture of frying (with butter) and boiling the same egg. Don’t be confused, you smear the pan with a little butter and break your egg in it (don’t whisk), after some seconds you add warm water and boil. Trust me it tastes like paradise.

2. Omelets/Frittatas


Don’t you just like how it sounds “FRI-TTA-TA” 😋, this is a beautiful egg dish, for this, you’ll need cream, cheese, meat (good old meat in egg), and then healthy veggies and other fillings (but please, be creative!). You can now get your oil and fry.

3. Toad-in-the-hole

Toad in the hole

Not a literal toad😂, but there’s a hole though. In this method, you make a hole in a slice of bread, add little oil to your pan and place your bread gently in it, break your egg in this hole(don’t whisk, don’t break the yolk), cook for some minutes, don’t flip the bread, please. Enjoy!

4. Shakshuka


Hmm, this meal comes from Israel — makes me wonder if men of old, like Moses or David ate it at some point🤔. Here we have a healthy mixture of tomatoes, onions, pepper, and other veggies. Put this in oil and stir fry, when it starts simmering, break your eggs on it, then create little pockets with a spatula and break more eggs. It’s an eggy delight people.

5. Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs

Don’t run away, there’s nothing diabolical about these eggs😂😂😂. You all should really try this out — boil the eggs, peel, slice in half and remove the yolk into a bowl. Mix the yolk in the bowl with mayonnaise, chocolate, salt, mustard (be creative), and then fill them back into the egg whites. Creamy deliciousness.

6. Cloud eggs

Cloud eggs

In this method, we separate the egg white from the yolk after breaking and add salt to the egg white and whisk the living daylight out of it until soft peaks form, spoon this into a tray and bake in a preheated oven for about 8 minutes, remove from the oven make a dent and add your yolk and bake for another 3 minutes and, voalá we’re ready.

Here are other methods of preparing eggs you can check out:

– Quiche, – Shirred eggs, – Baked eggs, – Eggs in a Basket, – Sunny Side up, – Over easy, etc.

Is there any food you’d like us to research for you? Drop it in the comment box. Don’t forget to like and share!😊😊.

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