Dieting Right with Fruits

Dieting entails limiting the amount or type of food a person eats. This is usually intended to improve health or weight. To control weight, one could either increase net energy expenditure or, more commonly, reduce net calorie intake. At such times, humans resort to fruits as a form of diet, often giving little or no consideration to quantity and nutritional value.

Fruits are essential to any healthy eating plan. They are rich in vitamins and minerals and contain fiber and antioxidants that can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer. So eat fruit!

But here’s the downside: if you’re trying to lose weight, eating any random fruit in unlimited quantities will only work against you. This is because while grains have greater calorific content compared to fruits, fruit does contain calories, some more than others.

Could fruits ever make worthy substitutes for grains?

Here are a number of fruits to avoid when dieting, as they are high in calories and nutrients:

  1. The big ol’ Avocado
dieting right with avocado

One fruit you want to avoid when trying to lose weight is the appetizing Avocado, commonly mistaken for pear in Nigeria. It is packed with lots of calories. For context, one avocado (201 grams) contains 322 calories.

It contains a ton of heart-healthy monounsaturated fat also and provides almost 60% of your daily fiber requirements.

2. Guava lava

dieting right with guava

Guava is one of the most protein-rich fruits. Two guavas (110 grams) contain 136 calories. Interesting fact: Guavas boost the body’s immune system as they contain even more vitamin C than oranges.

3. Not the Coconut

Unlike many other fruits that are high in carbohydrates, coconuts contain mostly saturated fats, which are also very high in calories. One piece of coconut measuring 45g contains 159 calories.

Other high-calorie fruits include apricots, blackberries, and peaches.

Low-calorie fruits, best for weight loss, include grapefruit, melons, e.t.c

In summary;

It would be better to go on a white fast with coconuts rather than oranges. Likewise, to use oranges for an appetizer before a meal rather than guavas. Diet is not all about eating fruits, but also about the makeup of the fruits themselves.

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