How to prepare the yummy Ekpang kwukwor

Epang kwukwor used to be a dish made exclusively for, and by the people of Southern Nigeria, the Cross River and Akwa Ibom State People of Nigeria. It originated from there. Nowadays, it has become a continental dish that can be prepared and eaten by anyone who so desires. It is one of the African Continental Dishes.

Ekpang kwukwor is very easy and fast to cook once the ingredients are ready. The grated water yam or cocoyam can be wrapped with mint leaves (scent leaves), cocoyam leaves, fluted pumpkin (ugwu), green amaranthus, or other available vegetables but most traditionally the fresh soft cocoyam leaves.

Because of the ease in chewing and swallowing, most babies prefer this when they begin to get introduced to solid foods. Ekpang is very rich in proteins because of the presence of assorted sea foods. I always love the sound of the periwinkle when stirring and the sucking out from the shell…it goes…. yummy yummmy!!!😅
To those who are slow in the sucking out of periwinkles, you’re can substitute it with biscuit bones… That’ll also make a good combination.

To give a different taste, sometimes, I fry the palm oil with onions and pepper, before wrapping the grated water yam into it.
To get another great unique taste of ekpang, wrap with mint leaves (scent leaves).

Grated water yam (tuber the size of an eva water bottle)
1 large bunch green vegetables
biscuit bones (Cartilage) or periwinkles
1/2 cup ground crayfish
1 large smoked fish
1 teaspoon ground red fresh pepper (Scotch bonnet)
1 medium sized onion
salt to taste
2 seasoning cubes
1 cup palm oil
boiling water to start with (Enough to cover the wrapped grated water yam)

Cooking Procedure:

• Grate water yam with the tiniest side of a grater
• Stir fry onion briefly with the oil and turn off the heat
• wrap grated water yam in green vegetables and add into the pot covered with palm oil one after the other until done
• Add ground crayfish, seasoning cubes and pepper
• turn on the heat and empty the boiled biscuit bones, smoked fish and stock into the pot of ekpang. If hot stock isn’t enough, or doesn’t cover the ekpang, add boiling water. Do not stir immediately, allow contents to boil and harden before stirring.
• Check for salt, add palm oil if you want more.
• Cook for about 7 minutes and allow to simmer for about 5 to 7 minutes
• serve HOT.

And that’s it fam!

It’s Bassey, signing out

Enjoy with fingers or cutlery.

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