Hulloooo toute le monde!! I say a hearty ‘happy new Month’ to my good people of Health Sciences and every Medivoice reader. Most importantly, I thank you for making it to the board this Week!
What better way to start a new semester, after lazying around at home for weeks than to be jolted into reality by a world class mentoring session? Oh yes, that’s exactly the privilege OAU Students got on the 5th and 6th of October 2018, with the two days ‘First bank OAU Campus Storm’, a double dose of grandeur!
Firstbank Nigeria, under the leadership of Mrs Ibukun Awosika, gave back to OAU massively, and they did so in grande style. With the first day of the Event focusing on mentoring students on life skills while the second day was all about The Entrepreneur mind set, featuring speakers like Olalekan Olude and Opeyemi Awoyemi (two of the founders of Jobberman, who were brought to talk about the importance of strong partnerships in business) BB Sasore, a Writer/Director and Mrs Awosika herself. The entrepreneur mindset also featured guest Artistes like Peruzzi and Dremo.
I will like to lay more emphasis on the first day of the event, themed “let’s talk about life skills: Self discovery and value creation” . This event, that had the Oduduwa hall of OAU full to its capacity with many other Students waiting outside was definitely worth seven hours of my Friday. While there is so much to talk about, so many lessons I would like to share, I am limited by time and space, and all I can do is to give a brief overview.
The Event kicked off around 10.30a.m, with the ever spontaneous and lively Timi Agbaje as the anchor. The first session was all about mentoring, and the three guest speakers (Dr Yemisi Adeyeye, Dr Kudo Eresia-Eke and Mrs Awosika) did a remarkable job in touching the lives of so many Students by Sharing some of their life stories and the lessons to be learnt from them.
Dr Yemisi Adeyeye, a Medical Doctor turned entrepreneur was one the guest speakers I could really relate to. She owns a renowned Hospital where several procedures like brain tumor surgery are carried out, she also started the lifefount business club helping SMEs in Nigeria achieve healthy business growth. Dr Adeyeye mentioned that entrepreneurship for her started as a necessity for survival while in Medical School. She made it clear that we are all obliged to realize what we need and find out how to get it, she mentioned solving problems as the only way to move forward and also talked about Originality, “be original, don’t copy other people, embrace who you are and find the truth in you”
Dr Kudo Eresia-Eke, a seasoned and accomplished communicator (I’m finding it really had not to write his whole biography, why? These people can’t just be defined by two things. Their wealth of experience comes from years of working in different sectors and excelling in different spheres of life). Dr Kudo was also a personal favorite and oh my, he had lots of wisdom to share, which can be summed up as 1. Find resonance with yourself, those who make it in life find resonance with what God has left in them 2. School is a means to an end, let school aspire you to go to where you want to be 3. Never travel through life alone, you need God. 4. Learn to pay the prize, success is sweet when you’ve paid the prize.
Mrs Awosika wasn’t without her brilliance and insight as usual. She talked about how the struggles of every season is different,” You have to succeed in your own season, learn from the past but don’t get stuck in it”. She laid so much emphasis on the importance of good values,hard work and people as an asset.
The next session was for question and answers, which happens to be Mrs Awosika’s favorite. A large number of questions were entertained and they were properly dealt with.
First bank added more spice to the event by giving out gifts, like a Samsung J5 that was won by the first person to Arrive at the venue. They rewarded punctuality, Intelligence and confidence.
All in all, the mentoring session provided by Firstbank was amazing and if there were more influential people or corporations investing this much in the youths, perhaps we won’t be where we are now as a Country.

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