Transforming Human Capital : The Story of Education and health 

September 26, 2019


This last week has really been the week for all students of Ife medicine and it is my pleasure to give the report of the events that held on Thursday the 26th; the second annual Scientific Conference, the Public lecture and medical innovative challenge. 
All of which held at the main auditorium, OAUTHC. 

The morning started with the Annual Scientific Conference having students come forward to present to their audience their research works. A total of 6 presenters came forward with their well detailed reports and these they “presented with excellence like experts at international gatherings”- as stated by one of the panellists, Dr. Adeomi, the other panellist being Dr. Wuraola. 

The Program started around 9a.m, with the Editor-in-Chief of IFEMED JOURNAL CLUB, Miss Ihimekpen Grace, introducing the panellists and presenters. The Presentation, which was to run for 7 minutes for each presenter, started with Mr. Abdullahi Khalil from the University of Ilorin who presented his work on “Cervical Cancer: An Assessment of the Awareness Level of Risk Factors among Undergraduates at the University of Ilorin.” 

The program continued and below is the list of the presenters with the work presented:

Miss Adedibu Damisi from Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU)- “Sources of Sexual Information and Sexual Behaviour Among Adolescents in Ile-Ife, Osun State.”

Miss Ojogba Grace (OAU)- “Comparative Analysis of Attitude to Menstruation and Menstrual Hygiene Management Practices Among In-School Adolescents in Ife-East Local Government Area, Osun State.”

Miss Awofeso Adedoye (OAU)- “Nutritional Status, Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Levels Among In-School Adolescents in Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria.”

 Mr. Osadogan Kenneth (OAU)- “Work-Related Violence Among Health Workers in the Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital Complex, Ile-Ife.”

Mr. Hassan Aanuoluwapo (OAU)- “Internet Addiction and Perceived Sleep Quality Among Undergraduate Students of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.”
After the last Presenter, the Panellists gave their comments, announced the grades and the best presenters were celebrated. The Scientific Conference came to an end around 10:30am and the stage was refurbished in preparation for the Annual Public Lecture.


At some minutes past 11, the Auditorium was set to receive the lecture on Transforming Human Capital: the Story of Education and Health, witnessing the arrival of the Provost, College of Health Sciences, OAU, Ile-Ife, Prof. Kayode Ijadunola; the Dean, Faculty of Clinical Sciences, Prof. Bernice Adegbehingbe; and the Key-Note Speaker, Prof. Victor Adetiloye who was represented by Prof. Jerome Elusiyan, the Chairman, Medical Advisory Council, OAUTHC.

The President of the Ife Medical Students’ Association, Hon. Tosin Agbaje started the program with a welcome address in which he stated, “…we believe that the most important resource for any country is the human capital…” As he was rounding off his address, the staff and students of OAU International School made their entry, all looking radiant and expectant. 

The Dean also came up to give a a short speech of encouragement to all medical students, advising them as leaders of the health team to be responsible for both the patients and themselves. She however voiced her displeasure at the low attendance of medical students at the lecture.

After the Dean’s speech, Miss Olaitan Komolafe, a 200-level student of the College of Health Sciences came forward to read the citation of the key-note speaker, after which the lecture was delivered by Prof. Jerome Elusiyan on behalf of Prof. Victor Adetiloye. The lecture as you could expect was with lots of insights as to the case of human capital in our country, most especially, in relation to health services. The lecture explained clearly what education is, stating the fact that “…education is a derived demand in the sense that it is not pursued for its sake but for what it promotes… education has propelled humankind to development…” 

Shortly after the lecture was the presentation from two teams who believed they had figured out the solutions to the problem of brain drain in Nigeria, this being a feature of the medical innovation challenge for the health week. The two teams did justice to the issue with major solutions as presented being an increased standard of living, enlightenment on the problems of brain drain and improved facilities for higher learning in the country.

The Program went on with the presentation of awards to the Key-note Speaker, and to some respected persons including the Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Adegbehingbe who also had a say on the issue of brain drain, urging an improved involvement of persons and institutions in solving the issue of brain drain.

The program also witnessed some other fun games, presentations on GEMx (Global Education in Medicine Exchange) and AIESEC (International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences), and a lot more before finally coming to an end with a closing address from the Health Week Committee Chairman, Mr. Femi Agboola. 

To end this report, I’d love to add a question that was raised during the innovation challenge concerning brain drain. To all medical students, especially students of federal universities across the country: If you are currently planning to relocate to a different country after bagging a degree as a professional in health services, what do you plan to give back to the country that made sure you could get that degree at an extremely cheap price?

You can drop your comments below, thank you for reading through… till next time! 


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