​​ARTICINE:  The First of Its Kind

Who says Medical students can’t be multi-faceted? 

IFUMSA Health Week has done more than enough to prove to everyone that  medical students have more than enough to offer outside their knowledge of the human anatomy and clinical practices. In this case it was the turn of the widely anticipated Articine to take the center stage. I personally was a little skeptical when I heard the idea and message Articine was hoping to pass across. However, it did just enough to show that this is the beginning of something huge for IFUMSA. 

Dara Badejo, a part six medical student and a lover of all forms of art was the brain behind Artcine. According to the IFUMSA president, Agbaje Tosin, the general idea of the program was to show the world that the OAU medical school was full of multi-talented students with abilities that cut across the various aspects of art. 

The program held at IGI Indoor table tennis court and the place was filled with people from every corner of OAU and beyond, which came as a surprise to many medical students. This goes on to show that the massive social media publicity caught the attention of quite a number of people.

The program kicked off with series of spoken word performances, with Promise Abiodun taking center stage to open the program. Other spoken word performances were from Dr Neva Die, Blessing Toyosi, Osamudiamen and the Editor in chief of Medivoice, Salami Muteeat, who presented ‘THE ARTICINSTS’ CREED’.

There were various music performances by Janet and Bolu who performed Andra Day’s Rise Up, VOP and others. There were also dance performances and a trade fair, which allowed various products on display at the programmed to gain the full attention of the people present.


In summary, Articine is a program that creates a wonderful platform to appreciate and encourage a multi faceted Medical student. Every medical student present at the program was not only inspired but also wowed by its success. The potential of Articine to go way beyond its current feat in the years to come is almost palpable! and we’re all ready for a mind blowing Articine 2.0!

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