The much anticipated IFUMSA’S interfaculty debate came up on Tuesday, 24th of September 2019 and It was a hotly contested one. 7 faculties were present initially; Faculties of EDM, pharmacy, social sciences, sciences, technology, basic medical sciences and clinical sciences. However, the faculty of technology pulled out before the end of the first round for unknown reasons.

  The program began with a welcome address from the Vice president of IFUMSA.

After her address, the representatives of each faculty were called out and the modus operandi of the debate was explained by the quiz master. The judges, Mr. Mayowa from the department of English and Dr Ibigbami, a clinical psychiatrist were welcomed and invited to the high table.

From left to right: Mr. Mayowa who represented Professor Oladipo Sanmi and Doctor Ibigbami 

The debate had 2 rounds with “legalization of abortion”  and “the state of our national security” being the topic of the first and second round respectively. 
The first round started immediately after and each faculty was represented by a chief speaker and one supporting speaker. The speakers were given the time to impress the judges and the audience. Some did, some did not. Nevertheless, the round ended and the judges collated the results. Students from the audience were also given time to give their opinion on the topic.

Olofin Charity and Muoghalu Chineye representing Clinical sciences.

The results finally came in and all the facilities were scored over 400. Faculty of pharmacy came out on top with 296 points. Basic medical sciences were 2nd with 285 points while social sciences followed closely behind with 284 points. Faculty of Clinical sciences, to the shock of the audience, had 264 points, Faculty of science had 257 points and EDM had the lowest score, 227 points. The top 3 faculties progressed to the second round. 

Audience time

The second round was an intense battle between pharmacy and basic medical sciences. Social sciences couldn’t match up and had to settle for third with a percentage of 64.6. Basic medical sciences finally emerged victorious with 85% edging pharmacy with merely 5%. The awards were presented by the immediate past chairman of the quiz club, Yaya Sodiq.

Mr. President, Agbaje Tosin gave the vote of thanks and the magnificent program came to an end.


The winners, Faculty of basic medical sciences


Abifarin Jomiloju,  

Eshemokhai Okhesomi.

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