It’s IFEMED’s Journal Launch’21!

Hello! Can we meet you?

Hi! My name is Oluwadamisi Adedibu. I am a final year medical student and the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the IFEMED Journal Club.

Alright! It’s nice to have you here, Damisi. How’s the preparation for the Journal Launch coming?

Thanks for having me. We are counting down to the Launch already, and we cannot wait to share our ideas and plans from the past months with you.

Must be exciting! Like when you want to release the bomb, and you’re itching to just throw it. You, however, have to wait for the set time to do so.

Before we talk more about this year’s journal launch, can you tell us a bit about IFEMED Journal Club? A lot of us see you guys as the club that writes big, stuffy, and serious books … lol. Kindly demystify this for the benefit of our audience😅? What is IFEMED really about, and what are the various activities the club is involved in organizing?

IFEMED Journal Club was created 45 years ago to produce high-quality research articles. Our members are paired with Editorial Consultants, and they write on topics related to the theme for that year. These are collated and produced in a journal annually.

Over the years, the journal has undergone restructuring and taken up more responsibilities such as organizing essay competitions – The Prof. Olufisan O. Taiwo Memorial Essay Competition and The Prof. Olikoye Ransome-Kuti Memorial Essay Competition. Also, there’s the Campus Doctor Blog, which features relevant topics to educate the student population about their health. Most recently, an online educational series was launched which features research facts, science news, etc.

Wow! That was eye-opening. I hope someone has gotten a broader view of the club with this answer.

Can you also elaborate on what a journal is? What’s the importance of a journal in medical practice?

A scientific journal contains research articles that add to the existing body of knowledge on a topic. The research articles could be original research, re-analyses of research, reviews of literature or opinion pieces.

A medical journal provides the latest research findings and information to physicians and other healthcare professionals, which can be used to improve the care of their patients in different parts of the world. This is why it is essential to medical practice.

What are some of the research processes for your yearly publications? Are they just online information, surveys or actual practical researches?

We publish literature reviews, original research, and case reports.

What makes this year’s journal unique? And What’s the story behind the theme of the journal launch?

A number of things actually. First, this year’s journal launch coincides with the 5th Prof. Olikoye Ransome-Kuti Memorial Lecture and Essay Competition which holds every four years. So, we are excited to host it this year. We have up to 350,000 Naira prize money to be won. Also, this is going to be the first virtual edition, and it will be nothing short of the standard that IFEMED events are known for.

The Critical Care theme is coming at this time because of the increasing importance of intensive care in the management of patients especially in light of the coronavirus pandemic. The Journal contains an array of articles on the critical care management of several diseases, as well as, relevant findings on COVID-19.

Alright! Do you have any more to say on behalf of the IFEMED Journal Club?

The Journal Club is grateful to her friends, alumni, and contributors for their continuous support over the years. It has been a challenging journal year due to the pandemic, but we are happy that this event is finally here and grateful for the opportunity to serve the medical community this way.

Finally, any word for MediVoice and our audience?

I would like to appreciate everybody for reading this and see you on Saturday!

Thank you, MediVoice, for your top-notch journalism.

Thanks so much for having us, Damisi. We’re looking forward to the Journal launch. It’s been a pleasure talking to you. Thank you!

And to our ever stuffophilic and knowledge-thirsty audience, let’s do well to attend the journal launch this Saturday. You definitely will be grateful for not missing it!

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See you at the event!

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