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It is common knowledge that Part 4 is viewed as the longest class in Medical School. At least in OAU. This class has been much longer due to some particular circumstances. But with time comes change and hope.  Medivoice went around to ask some members of the Excelsiors class about their experience with the questions below.

What is your best memory of part 4?
What was your most challenging experience in part 4?
What is one thing you are proud of that you might not have been able to do assuming the session progressed as normal?


1. P2 posting. I enjoyed going for the postings to learn new stuff every day and attempt questions being asked by the SRs who were taking our presentations and taking us through the pots. Looking back, I’m glad I took the posting seriously ’cause I never got to study systemic morbid anatomy again. Had to rely on the residual knowledge garnered for the combined in course and even MB.

2. I think the period before the combined exams and preparing for the medical boards. I had to manage my time well; sharing it amongst the 4 pathology courses based on my strength. And also, living with the new reality —being miserable, eyes on the prize. I had a couple of break points that I just had to sleep. More so, I’m grateful for the gift of friends.

3. Proud of? Hehe, how?! You can’t imagine. I wish our session progressed normally if I’m frank. I would have done everything I wanted to without the unprecedented break that happened.


1. Best memory should be my S2 posting, neurosurgery. I had a really lovely time there and my group members were simply amazing.

2. Challenging experience has to be the 7:30am classes. Was really difficult to get used to that part and it got worse when we moved to clinical skills because there was the added problem of transport wahala.

3. Nothing lol. I still wish this session progressed as normal because it really upset a lot of things for me, personally.


1. Best memory? Hmmmm…. I can’t really decide to be honest. Probably preparing my presentations 😅. I know it’s weird but I liked preparing my presentations from scratch.

2. Probably preparing for combined and MB, that was definitely insane.

3. AniWe Convention. I was able to focus on it  during the covid break and I am proud of the growth☺️


1. I would say all the moments with colleagues in posting. It made me relate more with colleagues ,who previously, I would just greet casually.

2. Honestly, I would say everyday was challenging😂. Waking up to meet 7:30 am classes everyday and rushing so you don’t get locked out and then finishing 5pm. The workload literally keeps pilling up by the hour😌 and then reading and forgetting!! Gosh🥶🥶. Then!! You see that MB period ehn😂😂. A really crazy time. The last 6 weeks of the class felt like a marathon. Everything was happening so fast😂

3. Even though the covid break was too long but the first few months felt like a huge sigh of relief. I was happy I could breath😪. So I think resuming post covid, I was able to manage the mental stress associated with this class in a better way.


1. Whewwwww! My best memory of part four has to be some fun memories shared with my group members. There’s a way part four brings together about 13 amazing people to form a posting group and go through the highs and lows of the endless months.

2. The last three months of this class take the crown as the most challenging period everrrrrrrr😭! Trust me, dear Medivoice readers, having the determining factor of your long stay in a class cramped into just three months can take a large toll on even the best of us.

3. Lmao abegggggg. Let’s just thank God it’s all behind us😅


1. Best memory; I’m thinking really hard right now, and while I feel it might not look like it then, I think preparing for exams with the likes of Obinna, Muteat, Sam, Kolade, Noni, Mayowa, Seyifunmi and Misbahudeen, is one event I’d have strong nostalgia about later in the future.

2. Most challenging experience; Preparations for MB! This easily takes the lead because it had me assessing whether I was built for that kind of stress after all. Talking about draining, this in all it’s entirety was energy sapping.

3. What I’m proud of;  I was able to write and have published a research paper in the IFEMED journal. This in particular is one achievement I’m happy about. Also, I was able to make incredible improvements with my brand- Violetfrabrics_ng; with our creativity, branding and exposure increasing by about 50%. This alongside getting my journey in freelancing kicked off.


1. Must be with Quiz and Debate Club during the pandemic. Going to represent at Ido-Ekiti for the Emeritus Professor Matthew Araoye intercollegiate Quiz Competition where we came from behind to take first.

2. Combining classes with sporting activities, like Wale Okediran preparation and all of that. It was hard.

3. Becoming the Director of Sports of IFUMSA. If there had not been a break in between the session, I might not have welcomed the thoughts of going for the position with the bulk of this part 4 gushing without a break.


1. The time I came back from covid break and finally understood what this class was all about
2. Close to exams when I had to read for pharmacology, micropara Incourse and the combined Incourse and I still fell sick like twice within that period and had to stay off reading for some days to recuperate.
3. I am proud of the fact that the class thought me to be tough and also I am proud of the new friendship made and the sudden realization on how to go about reading for the class which I was a  bit confused on pre-covid.


1. Finishing the exams. It was a long way to that point. Well over 2 years in that class. Not a joke.

2. It was challenging coming back into the heat of academic work after the lockdown. I hadn’t read school stuff in a while, so I had to do a lot of refreshing and self-motivation because I got so used to my sleeping pattern.

3. I was able to spend more time with my family than I had done in a while. Also, I got to explore other things that have opened a whole new perspective to the world for me.


1. I would say Clinical postings, especially my Surgery postings. For some reason, they were fun and enjoyable.

2. Hmmm, I think every day had its challenge. There was almost no time I was at the same pace as the class 🥺. I was mostly lagging behind.

3. I’m proud of how self-aware I’ve become. I used to deal with Imposter Syndrome a lot but now I’ve become much more confident and even getting better while also pulling others up and helping them become confident. You’d think I’ve always been like this. So yeah, it’s the mental awareness, self-awareness and confidence for me.


1. Still feel finishing my exams will probably be my best memory, It was a heavy burden that was lifted after a 16-month run separated by an 11-month pandemic😂. I came back to being totally me after a very long time.
The way I acted the day after my exam and some days after it, I really knew everything was still in me. I just had things reduced for the while.

2. Mehnn, it would be the timetable, I hated it to the core. A morning to evening run on a daily basis really dealt with me. Coming so early to class complicated the scenario. I’m someone that loves to start the day around 9 am but the class totally deprived me of that in its full length.

3. Found easier and smarter ways to make some Lucre, Ways to ease the pressure and the concept of facing what’s facing you per time😅


1. My best memory was my interaction with the external examiner during the pharmacology oral exam. She said I answered her questions “like a doctor ready to practice”🤣🤣. I felt fulfilled.

2. My most challenging experience was Microparasitology posting. We’d barely started lectures in the course when my group went to its posting. Of course, many of us in my group banged😅😅. (I think something is being done about this in subsequent sets)

3. I actually would have been happier if the session progressed as normal, but nonetheless, the hiatus gave me an opportunity to work, and of course, I made some financial gains that ensured I did not go broke during the remaining part of the session post covid!


1. The last day of each posting were usually my best memories, because it signified that I was moving closer to the end of my stay in the class.

2. Most challenging experience: at the beginning, the class schedule was challenging and crazy, I had little time for myself, and the weekends were also short.

3. If you are referring to the Covid break, the break came in handy, it came in at a time when I honestly needed a break from the stress of the class. During the break I picked up new interests, fitness, watched movies, tried learning how to dance and ride a bicycle (I still suck at both though), took an online course. So I am proud of the things I was able to achieve during that break.


1. Having the highest scores in a couple of end of posting exams
2. I had so many stressful periods in this class, especially post-Covid. Another time that was particularly challenging was falling sick the week just before MBE started
3. The Covid period really exposed me to some opportunities I wouldn’t have been able to benefit from if the session had gone normally. I was able to participate in some programs, got quite a number of certificates and also got involved in business opportunities as well. What initially seemed like a bad thing eventually turned out to really be a wonderful period for me, and I’m grateful for that.


1. Best memory? When I had a very good result in one of my EOPs. To me, it’s more than just a result.

2. Most challenging? 😅😏 In brief, micro paraed, having series of very bad results in a single course can be so necrotizing, though adequate prep is key.

3. One thing I’m proud of? 😂😂😂 My brain rested. 😁😁


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