VOX POP: GoT Finale

Following eight seasons and after breaking several record, the HBO series, Game of Thrones, ended on Sunday night with the biggest plot twist of them all. Amidst mixed reactions to the final episode, Medivoice decided to ask you, our faithful readers, how the acclaimed show would have ended if you were ‘d+d’

Question: Who do you think should have sat on the Iron Throne and why?

‘No Iron throne, no seven kingdom. The Taegaryans were the ones that united the seven kingdoms then they should have ended it, signified by the melting down of the throne. Each Kingdom, like the North did, should have gained their independence and rule themselves afterwards!’- Sam, New Part Four

‘The Night King’- Funbi, Old Part Four

‘Not Bran Stark’- Damilohun

‘Jon snow. He is the only one from the line of Starks and Taegaryans’.- Jomiloju, Part Two

Tell us what you think, and why.

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