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Following their first professional MB in January, the Exypnos Medicos got their results on the 11th of February, and what an outstanding result it was!. They recorded a 99.9% pass and of course, many expected that having achieved this feat a nice relaxing holiday was in order, however, the college had other plans.

On the 28th of February, they got word that they would officially resume part 4 and start lectures on the 7th of March but thankfully resumption was postponed till the 14th of March to properly sort out some accommodation matters.

It has been a few weeks as new part 4 students for the Exypnos class, and as such, MediVoice went around to assess how they feel by asking a few of them the following questions:

1 How did you feel when you heard about resumption?

2. How was your first week as a part 4 medical students and how are you taking the transition from online back to physical?

3. Is there anything regarding resumption into clinicals you feel could be better handled or done differently?

Here are some responses:


  1. Surprised. And I’m sure many of my colleagues felt like that, Nobody was expecting a resumption in March. It changed the plans many of us had for the holiday but it’s one of those things.
  2. Well, there are many sides to this. First off, I think resumption of the physical classes was well received by the majority, most of us are happy to be back in the classroom, as against the online mode we had virtually all of our 300lvl. On the flip side, Adjusting to the lengthy nature of the physical class is something and hasn’t been easy, also considering the distance of the lecture theatre we are using. In summary, the first week was interesting.
  3. The Lecture venue. The distance and ease of getting there from campus is an issue. I would also have mentioned the resumption time frame, but Naah, there’s no point. We don start am already😅


  1. It came as a real shock. Most of us were hoping for a later resumption, at least a few more weeks 😂. The holiday mood was just setting in and boom, the callback to class😂
  2. It’s been a minute trying to adjust. If I recall well, the last physical class we had was in early 2020, before the pandemic. Sitting down for a long time, in one place and having to focus on the lecture, feels weird 😂.
  3. Not really. The only thing is resumption came earlier than expected. So there wasn’t really enough time to prepare, especially mentally for the class.


  1. Well, I wasn’t mentally prepared for the class. The news of the resumption came as a shock to all of us, and it was a bit hard trying to prepare for resumption.
  2. It was hectic, that was the first time of having physical classes after we were sent home due to Covid in 2020. I struggled to concentrate in the afternoon classes. I’m trying my best to adapt to the new normal.
  3. I feel we could have gotten our bedspace allocations on time. A lot of my classmates got their bedspace allocations late while the faculty already fixed the resumption date. In addition, I feel the faculty could have communicated with us to ascertain if we were ready to start classes.


  1. Felt quite indifferent. We already knew the break was not going to be long, but March was way far from the April we estimated.
  2. First week was a-o-k. Feels good to have a reason to dress up and take pictures 😅. Well, it’s taking time to adjust to the long stretch of classes which is not under one’s control.
  3. Wish we had been given a heads up way earlier. Or our result released earlier so we have more time to program our brain that yes, we are in clinicals. In all, glad the journey is moving on.


  1. Well… I had mixed feelings. I was excited and at the same time very bothered about the stress
  2. The answer to the first question is OMO!!! The week was very stressful and money-consuming. The classes have been great tho but too stressful. The transition from online class to physical class hasn’t been easy. But we muueve
  3. I feel like the time frame for the classes should be reduced and any lecturer that won’t be coming for their class should notify us on time


  1. To be honest , I wasn’t really excited and to add that we will be resuming the longest, most stressful, class, at that, I wasn’t ready for it.
  2. It wasn’t bad. We had orientation from senior colleagues and I must say that really shaped my mind and prepared me for the session. I enjoyed the first week, and attended every lecture. I knew we can’t have online lectures for part 4, I already zeroed my mind on that one, so adjusting to physical class has been easy.
  3. Not really. This is still the first week of resumption. I think this question will be better appreciated halfway through the session because everything concerning resumption was tackled.


  1. Quite frankly, I wasn’t expecting the announcement. When it came so I didn’t feel too good about it.
  2. The first week was pretty good. I was excited to be a clinical student finally after what seemed like forever in the pre-clinicals. The transition to physical classes has been a bit difficult but a necessary adjustment. The first few days were extremely tiring but it will get better with time.
  3. I think resumption should be announced much earlier than a week or two to the date. It allows students to make some mental and financial preparations.


  1. Shocked o… Cos I wasn’t expecting anything like resumption until April, May
  2. Well, I will say the first week has been really stressful. Series of lectures from 10 AM to 4 PM and 5 PM on some days. By the time we get to the final class of the day (2:15 to 4 PM), half of the class is already tired and some are even struggling not to doze off but I feel we will get used to it with time.
  3. Uh, I don’t know. But this first clinical class (400L) is a really demanding class. Completely different from parts 2 and 3. Academically and financially demanding. I think any incoming set should be informed of this as early as possible, so as to be better prepared.


  1. I was quite surprised as I didn’t know it was gonna be that soon
  2. The first week was as expected. I had prepared my mind and the classes were boring at first, but I later blended. The transition isn’t so easy but we had done it before all we have to do is keep going
  3. Can’t think of any right now


  1. Honestly, there were a lot of mixed feelings. Of course, I wanted to move forward with school and get it over with but I had found something else I enjoyed doing and it just won’t sync with school.
  2. For me it was crazy lol. My head was pounding on the first day cause I had not been through that in a while. I mean, the last physical class series I attended that took the whole day was 2019. But I had to accept it and the experience has been okay.
  3. I’m not so certain, speaking for myself, I know we already used up our break when the exams were postponed. I think it was okay that we had an additional week to prepare ourselves.


  1. I felt shocked, unhappy and very much unprepared in all manners – spiritually, financially, academically and even mentally.
  2. It’s been interesting, boring at some point because of the particular class we started with and it’s not been easy to be attending class for 6 hours per day. Although quite frustrating at some point, adaptation has been taking place very smoothly and it’s been aided by the ecstasy of being a step closer to bagging the degree.
  3. Yes…We could be having these first set of lectures on campus at HSLTs. Also we’ve not had a proper orientation from the faculty itself like other departments as MRH had theirs.


  1. I was shocked and a little disappointed. After such a tough year, I was expecting to have some time to rest and prep for the next stage so hearing that resumption was so close hit me hard.
  2. To say my first week has been hell would be an understatement. From the stress of making it down to THC every day to the brain-deadening classes that just drone on and onnnn. It’s been a lot plus I work part-time too. Adjusting has not been easy. Considering the transition from online to physical, I would definitely say I miss the good old days😅 in fact, I would go further and say physical classes are the “ghetto”.
  3. Yeah well I believe better orientation before letting us plunge headfirst into it all would be great. That way, transitioning would be much better and easier


  1. Excited, although I had hoped the break would be longer by a few weeks.
  2. Boring, tbh. Maybe it’s because of the nature of the course… Or the fact that I’ve not yet fully adapted to the switch from online to physical classes. It’s been a bit difficult… But I guess I’ll get used to it, eventually.
  3. Nothing at the moment.

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