Interview With Ezembu Victoria Eberechukwu, Candidate For The Post Of IFUMSA Treasurer.

Hi. Please can you introduce yourself to us?

Victoria Ezembu: Hi, I’m Ezembu Victoria Eberechukwu, a part 2 Medical Student of OAU and an IFUMSAite.

What are three words you’d use to describe yourself, and why?

Victoria Ezembu: I’d say enthusiastic, honest and easy-going. I give high energy to the things I do and love. I don’t like lies and I don’t stress people or enjoy people stressing me unnecessarily, unless it’s work. Those are my three words!

Okay. What would you say are your 5 core values?

Victoria Ezembu: Integrity, Honesty, Dedication, Commitment to work, empathy and respect for fellow humans.

Do you have any prior leadership experience within or outside IFUMSA?

Victoria Ezembu: I served as Head Girl in my secondary school, Maverick College Ibadan, and now I’m a member of IFUMSA’s current parliamentary house.

How do you think those experiences have prepared you for this position?

Victoria Ezembu: I think the most important thing that I have learnt is how to work in a team. Things are easier when you can cooperate with people and vice versa. Plus, you won’t have to do it all alone.

Now, let’s talk about the post you’re running for. You’re running for the post of IFUMSA Treasurer. What specific qualities do you possess that you think make you the right fit for this post?

Victoria Ezembu: For one, I am very accountable, I don’t mix things up, especially money. I can keep good records and I also have money raising ideas cooking.

Why did you decide to run for this post? Was it merely because you think you can do it?

Victoria Ezembu: I just want to serve. That’s it. I decided a long time ago that I’d do my best to be involved in IFUMSA’s activities as long as I’m in school. Working as the association’s Treasurer is my next step and I plan to do it well.

What qualities do you think are required for the post you’re contesting for?

Victoria Ezembu: Accountability, Meticulousness, and Transparency.

Can you shed more light on your four main agendas, especially the last two? They are namely: 1. Strengthening system of banking and documentation and 2. Effective funding and fundraising strategies for the association.

Victoria Ezembu: The first two agendas are centred around my constitutionally defined roles as a treasurer which I plan to carry out to the letter. In addition to that, I intend to ensure that all records are kept in both physical and digital records and also work alongside the President to generate funds for the activities of the tenure. I have some ideas for fundraising already but they are still in the works.

Regarding the association’s current treasury, what are the things you feel could be handled better, and how do you intend to move the association forward in that respect?

Victoria Ezembu: I think the current treasury is doing very well, I know there’s no talk of missing money or anything as such and I plan to continue in that same light. As for what could be done better, I think it will be a good idea to do more of e-banking than physical. The level of accountability will still be kept high and the processes much shorter and easier. I also think we can do more in terms of fundraising, especially at the beginning of the tenure in anticipation of all the activities of the year.

What is your definition of leadership?

Victoria Ezembu: Leadership is service. Of course there’s more to it but the central idea is service.

Finally, Victoria, Do you think you stand a chance at the polls?

Victoria Ezembu: Yes, I think I do. The final decision is still left to ifumsites.

Thank you for your time, Victoria. Good luck at the polls.

Victoria Ezembu: Thanks!

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