A Stage Prop’s Romance or The Optimistic Friendzone Manual

Watch her violin eyelashes speak symphonies into the air and join every atom of the universe in applause.

‘Invictus’ by William Ernest Henley: Poem Analysis

I control my own fate regardless of whatever might befall me. I drive my soul.

My Opinion on Body Positivity

The central problem with body positivity, in my opinion, is the fact that it damages people the same way beauty standards do.

The Nigerian Government Leaves its Citizens in Chains

So, praying that it suffices, we offer words of encouragement instead, like a band-aid over a gunshot wound.

Multiple Persons in One Body: Dissociative Identity Disorder

It is one of those mental illnesses that have been sensationalized and exaggerated by movie industries, leading many people to get the wrong idea about what it truly is. 

Interview With Ezembu Victoria Eberechukwu, Candidate For The Post Of IFUMSA Treasurer.

I just want to serve. That’s it. I decided a long time ago that I’d do my best to be involved in IFUMSA’s activities as long as I’m in school

Interview With Miracle Ayobami OLAJUYIGBE, Candidate For The Post Of IFUMSA Public Relations Officer

One of my core values is being a visionary, and this is a vision. So I must achieve it

How Trauma Changes Your Brain

Say a terrorist group abducted a group of about 200 students from their school. What puts some of these students at risk of developing PTSD after release, and some not?

How society is slowly but surely poisoning itself.

We evolved as social creatures, understanding that the type of society most well-suited for our survival was one where we all functioned as parts of a whole

Your Isolation might be killing you.

A little loneliness is normal and fairly healthy, but when loneliness becomes a constant, everyday feeling, it could be a serious problem.