The Man of Many Talents: Adeoluwa Olowookere is Now a Doctor

Friday, 27th of August, brought an end to the time of class Eximus Grandis as medical students at Obafemi Awolowo University. The two-time Wale Okediran Cup champions have spent more than the official six years being medical students and are looking forward to their lives as medical doctors. Today, we’ll be sharing an exclusive interview with Adeoluwa Olowookere.

Generally, members of the class have a rich store of knowledge and experience that will benefit IFUMSAites and Medical students across the globe. Consequently, we have reached out to several class members to ask about their experiences and what they look forward to as official working members of society.

A Man of Versatility – Adeoluwa Olowookere

In this interview, we have reached out to one of the most influential members of the graduating class in the person of Adeoluwa Olowookere. He is a man of many talents. From politics to business to entrepreneurship and capacity building, he has conquered everything he wanted to do.

He is not only well-known among medical students he is also an influential personality in other departments. Also, he has been featured in many programs within and outside OAU. Furthermore, he has been part of the Local Organising Committee for many programs, including the 34th Ifumsa Health Week (LOC chairman) and the 2nd Ifumsa EES (Principal LOC.)

Let’s hear from the man himself, Adeoluwa Olowookere.


MediVoice: Firstly, what was your best experience in OAU?

My best experience was meeting people and making friends with some amazing guys as we went through so much together.

MediVoice: What was your best and worse course in preclinical?

Best Course – Physiology

Worst Course – Biochemistry

MediVoice: What was your best and worse course in clinical?

Best course: Mental Health

Worse course: O&G

MediVoice: Do you plan to practice medicine and have a speciality in mind?

Yes, Public Health /Mental Health

MediVoice: Apart from medicine, what other thing did you do during your time in medicine?

Leadership positions in the association and in church, making an impact and teaching people having a business that spans across ten universities, getting 2-3 employment while still being a student.

MediVoice: In terms of your relationship status, are you signing out with Single honours or double honours?

“Single, but I did not play 6-0 sha”. More like 6-2😂.

MediVoice: What is your advice to medical students on going through Medical school?

Know yourself and know what works for you; know your God

MediVoice: What was the number one thing that got you through Medical school?

Grace of God and Support from friends and family

MediVoice: What is your worse experience in medical school?

Nothing beats the guilty conscience you have when you don’t read every day.

MediVoice: What was your best experience in medical school?

Making memories with amazing people

MediVoice: What would you do differently if you were to go through medical school again?

I can’t go through it again 😂.

MediVoice: Also, what is your advice concerning the academics of medical school?

Know the stuff well, especially in preclinical, then know your weaknesses and work on it

MediVoice: Who was your favourite lecturer or doctor?

They are a lot .

MediVoice: Did you ever feel like giving up or quitting medical school?

Yes, but I know I couldn’t.

MediVoice: What class do you think is the most difficult?

Part 4

MediVoice: Lastly, what do you look forward to now that you are a medical doctor?

Doing the other things, I enjoy alongside medicine

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