Abdulkabir Adewale aka Kaybee Saves: The Legend is now a medical doctor

Friday, 27th of August, brought an end to the time of class Eximus Grandis as medical students at Obafemi Awolowo University. The two-time Wale Okediran Cup champions have spent more than the official six years being medical students and are looking forward to their lives as medical doctors. So, today, we’ll be showing you an interview with Abdulkabir Adewale.

Generally, members of the class have a rich store of knowledge and experience that will benefit IFUMSAites and Medical students across the globe. Consequently, we have reached out to several class members to ask about their experiences and what they look forward to as official working members of society.

Kaybee Saves – One of IFUMSA’s Best Keepers Ever

This interview features the one and only Adebayo Abdulkabir Adewale. When discussing sports and fun, few association members wouldn’t know Kabir. The IFUMSA keeper is as good as they come and has two Wale Okediran Cups to show for it.

Also, he is popularly known for his keeping abilities and is usually called “Kaybee saves,” There are few keepers in OAU to compare to his skills.

Continue reading below for our exclusive interview with the legendary man himself.

Interview with Abdulkabir Adewale

MediVoice: Firstly, what was your best experience in OAU?

Well, my best experience at OAU has to be during one of the Inter faculty football competitions. I think it was the Clinical sciences Vs. Education game. I think that day stood out for me.

MediVoice: What was your best and worse course in preclinical?

The best course has to be physiology; the worst course was Histology… I didn’t just understand what I was seeing.

MediVoice: What was your best and worse course in clinical?

In the clinical, my best was medicine, and my worst was Surgery just because of one sub-department I dare not mention.

MediVoice: Do you plan to practice medicine and have a speciality in mind?

Yes, I plan to. Maybe Internal medicine; we will see.

MediVoice: Apart from medicine, what other thing did you do during your time in medicine?

Well, I was into sports, I did a little writing, and I attended a few parties here and there and a little business.

MediVoice: So, in terms of your relationship status, are you signing out with Single honours or double honours?

Well, I am not single at the moment o … Make God just dey help person” 😂

MediVoice: What is your advice to medical students on going through Medical school?

The books get you into medical school, but you need to add happiness with the books to remain in medical school. So find what makes you happy and combine it with medicine, and you will be fine.

MediVoice: What was the number one thing that got you through Medical school?

My friends (I call them Family now)

MediVoice: Altogether, what is your worse experience in medical school?

My worst experience in medical school happened after seeing the part 3 MB results.

MediVoice: Additionally, what was your best experience in medical school?

My best experience was going through Ilesha paediatrics posting

MediVoice: What would you do differently if you were to go through medical school again?

Honestly, maybe I wouldn’t have left the school football team

MediVoice: What is your advice concerning the academics of medical school?

I feel people should stick to a routine and not get intimidated by what others are doing.

MediVoice: Who was your favourite lecturer or doctor?

My favourite lecturer has to be Prof Akintomide

MediVoice: What do you think is the best part of medical school?

The clinical years are the best part.

MediVoice: Furthermore, did you ever feel like giving up or quitting medical school?

Yes, I did, but thank God I had a good support system

MediVoice: What class do you think is the most difficult?

Part 6, believe this one… It’s the final year

MediVoice: Lastly, what do you look forward to now that you are a medical doctor?

Well, I am looking forward to attending to patients. I am looking forward to the opportunities the medical profession has in store for me. I look forward to exploring life beyond school sha?

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