The Legendary Sportsman: Dr Agbakwuru Maxmilian Osinkachi MBChB. (Ife)

Friday, 27th of August, brought an end to the time of class Eximus Grandis as medical students at Obafemi Awolowo University. The two-time Wale Okediran Cup champions have spent more than the official six years being medical students and are looking forward to their lives as medical doctors. Today, we’ll be sharing an interview with Dr Maxmilian Agbakwuru.

Generally, members of the class have a rich store of knowledge and experience that will benefit IFUMSAites and Medical students across the globe. We have reached out to several class members to ask about their experiences and what they look forward to as official working members of society.

Here’s a little about Dr Maxmilian Agbakwuru

Max is one of the most popular names in the Eximus Grandis class. Apart from being one of the most social members of the class, he is especially known for his abilities when it comes to sports. Also, he has won 2 Wale Okediran Cups and has remained one of the most deadly football strikers in IFUMSA. Furthermore, in both IFUMSA and OAU, he is also a volleyball ace and has participated in several volleyball competitions in the southwest region.

In conclusion, Dr Maxmilian Agbakwuru also holds the record for the most consecutive baskets made from the free throw point on the Gloryland basketball court. With this many accolades, you would think it ends there, but he is also the outgoing chairman of the IFUMSA electoral committee.

He has taken his time to answer our questions about his experience in medical school.

Continue reading below for our exclusive interview with Max.


MediVoice: Firstly, Dr Maxmilian Agbakwuru, what was your best experience in OAU?

Passing part 4 MB

MediVoice: What was your best and worse course in preclinical?

The best was Anatomy; Histology was the worst.

MediVoice: Going further, what was your best and worse course in clinicals?

Best course Mental Health, Worst course O n G

MediVoice: Dr Maxmilian Agbakwuru, do you plan to practice medicine and have a speciality in mind?

Yes, General Surgery or Urology

MediVoice: Apart from medicine, what other thing did you do during your time in medicine?

Volleyball; won 2 Silver NUGA medals, 1 Gold medal in OAU Sports festival, played for Nigerian Police Force Volleyball Club and a bunch of medals in several sports competitions, Football; 2 Wale Okediran Gold medals Silver medal in IFUMSA sports festival, Chairman IFUMSA Electoral Committee, Red Cross Member OAU Branch, Entrepreneur; Freelancer.

MediVoice: Furthermore, in terms of your relationship status, are you signing out with single or double honours?

Single honours currently 😊

MediVoice: What is your advice to medical students on how to go through Medical school?

Find your balance. Find what works for you, and don’t compare yourself to others. Group discussion always helps. You are not in a race with anyone other than yourself.

MediVoice: What was the number one thing that got you through Medical school?

Grace(God), Family’s prayers, Kaybee, Tanwa, and Dr Owoeye. Also OAU Volleyball.

MediVoice: What is your worse experience in medical school?

When I lost my girlfriend just before part 4 MB. It was a really sad period for me.

MediVoice: Also, what was your best experience in medical school?

Paediatrics posting Ilesha.

MediVoice: Furthermore, what would you do differently if you were to go through medical school again?

Nothing, absolutely nothing.

MediVoice: What is your advice concerning the academics of medical school?

Try and study every day (it’s hard, trust me) and have group discussions.

MediVoice: Who was your favorite lecturer or doctor?

Prof Agbakwuru.

MediVoice: Generally, what do you think is the best part of medical school?

Meeting different people, I guess

MediVoice: Did you ever feel like giving up or quitting medical school?

Not at all

MediVoice: What class do you think is the most difficult?

Part 4(Clinical 1)

MediVoice: Lastly, what do you look forward to now that you are a medical doctor?

Being the best I can be at whatever I do.

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