The Political Icon is Now a Medical Doctor: Dr MUILI Opeyemi A. MBChB. (Ife)

Friday, 27th of August, brought an end to the time of class Eximus Grandis as medical students at Obafemi Awolowo University. The two-time Wale Okediran Cup champions have spent more than the official six years being medical students and are looking forward to their lives as medical doctors. Today, we’ll be sharing our interview with Dr Muili Opeyemi, aka Peppermint.

Generally, members of the class have a rich store of knowledge and experience that will benefit IFUMSAites and Medical students across the globe. Consequently, we have reached out to several class members to ask about their experiences and what they look forward to as official working members of society.

Here’s a little about Dr Muili Opeyemi

Few women have had the degree of influence Dr MUILI Opeyemi has had in IFUMSA. From being the vice president of the You&I administration to being a IFUMSA Presidential candidate. Equally, she has also played a huge role in politics outside IFUMSA by shaping the political landscape of the NiMSA southwest region. Consequently, as the NiMSA southwest coordinator for the region, she has written her name in the history books as one of the most influential politicians in the region. Undoubtedly, she has left her mark on the association.

Continue reading below for our exclusive interview with the now-graduated Dr. MUILI Opeyemi.


Medivoice: Firstly, what was your best experience in OAU?

In OAU, living and mixing with non-medics. I had a lot to learn from them. Opened my eyes to different realities and how unpredictable life is. No experience can beat the Great Ife experience.

Medivoice: So, what was your best and worse course in preclinical?

Biochemistry was my best; Anatomy showed me pepper…arrghhhh

Medivoice: Also, what was your best and worse course in clinicals?

Mental Health was my best; worst was Dermatology! The ‘God Abeg’ I said because of it ehn!

Do you plan to practice Medicine, and do you have a speciality in mind? Hmmm…Let’s keep our fingers crossed o cos I really just want to be a baby girl for life. I am not sure Medicine can give me that. So Psychiatry or Ophthalmology if I get to practice.

Medivoice: Fourthly, apart from Medicine, what other thing did you do during your time in Medicine?

Plenty things. Volunteered a lot for different organizations. Ventured into politics and held several posts. Travelled around the country. Made some money from Events Planning and ushering.

Medivoice: So, regarding your relationship status, are you signing out with single or double honours?

Honours na Honours abeg!😂😂😂Na MBChB with Honours I suppose get🌚🌚.

Medivoice: Also, what is your advice to medical students on how to go through Medical school?

Hmmm…Contrary to what we were made to believe, Med school doesn’t get easier as you go higher sha. Know this and know peace. But you can always find your way. You will always find your way because you will get used to the ‘trials and tribulations. So try as much as you can to live your life. Whatever crosses your mind when you think of living life is exactly what you should do. Please have fun!

What was the number one thing that got you through Medical school?

Grace o! And Plenty! God Abeg!

Medivoice: Additionally, Dr Muili Opeyemi, what is your worse experience in medical school?

Hmmm…My experience with Dr K. In Ilesa. We were on a ward round, and he asked me what was striking about a baby I clerked.. My village people prevented me from using the right word o, so I said he had swollen breasts instead of just saying gynecomastia. Then Dr K. Said, “Wow! Just Iike your own swollen breasts abi.” In front of the whole world! I couldn’t even form a big girl. I cried in front of everybody, patients, doctors! He humiliated me sha😭😭.

Medivoice: Altogether, what was your best experience in medical school?

Passing my first Professional MB o! Omoo! Preclinical showed me shege. I almost gave up on myself.

What would you do differently if you were to go through medical school again?

I would meet some people way earlier than I did.

Medivoice: Furthermore, what is your advice concerning the academics of medical school?

Study yourself and know what works for you. Is it being a lone ranger or studying with people? You really just have to know yourself and not just follow the crowd.

Medivoice: Generally, who was your favourite lecturer or doctor?

God bless all my lecturers o. Ha! They are all amazing.

What do you think is the best part of medical school?

That after-exam feeling and seeing your name on the pass list! Surreal!

Medivoice: Similarly, did you ever feel like giving up or quitting medical school?

Yes! A lot. What class do you think is the most difficult? Clinical one o cos you almost always don’t know what to do or read. You are just lost. Part 2 comes close, too, at least for me. Everything felt really strange, and I struggled a lot.

Medivoice: Lastly, what do you look forward to now that you are a medical doctor?

Living life to the fullest. Getting out of my comfort zone. Networking and connecting with the creme de la creme. Getting a Ph.D. outside the country and learning French properly. And, of course, Politics! Let’s see how many doors this degree can open for me sha. We move!

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