Interview with ‘Lolu Akinteye for the Office of the President

Can we meet you?

My name is ‘Lolu Akinteye, a 500 level medical student of Obafemi Awolowo University

How would you describe yourself?  (especially with respect to leadership). Would you say you are ambitious, visionary or result-oriented?

I think these three words somehow describe me even though I have always claimed that I am a flexibly ambitious person, nothing strict to the books anyway. And of course, I’m a man of many possibilities and results motivate me.

What prompted your decision to run for this post/ why are you contesting for this position?

Well, I would like to say somehow it’s always been part of the plan. But like I said earlier that I have a flexible ambition, I became more motivated realising that I have some things to add to the progress of the association. I see IFUMSAites clamour for some things that I think I can provide.

What specific qualities do you possess that would make you the right fit for this post?

Every president must be a leader who leads from the front. I am that kind of leader. I serve while I lead and I do that with all strength. I am charismatic and bringing a group of people together in one accord to achieve purposes has never been too hard of a job for me.

Any prior leadership experience? (within or outside Ifumsa)

Quite a few. My leadership opportunities could go back to childhood anyway. I was Senior Prefect in both my primary and secondary school. In senior secondary, I chaired the Prefects Committee, Founded the Mathematics club and was also the Editor-in-chief of the Press Club publishing the school’s 4th Edition of New Dawn Magazine.

In IFUMSA I served my class as the Pioneer Class Rep, moved on to be the Constituency Leader and continued on as the association’s AGS and Chair of Academic Committee then as Ex-Officio 2 and have headed and been a member of some other functional committees within the Association. In NiMSA I served as Southwest Secretary-General at some point and as a National Director on Partnership and Patrons. I was also Chief Delegate to the 33rd General Assembly of Federation of African Medical Students’ Association and currently serve as the Executive Advisor of Federation of Oyo State Medical Students’ Association. Founded and run The Roundtable Meeting.

In light of this, how do you think these capacities have readied you for this position?

I think I have followed the process. The Presidency is a position that requires experience and these involvements have availed me the opportunity to learn from past and present leaders and to equip me better for the task.

Can you shed more light on your main agenda(s)?

Like I’ve always said, I am not one with many agendas. I am rather presenting myself to IFUMSAites with a workable agenda. First is building our labour market capacities, that is equipping members with skill sets that will define their future. Another is to ensure that everyone’s hand is at work in the progress of the association by all means possible.

I also want to build an alumni mentorship scheme that will be productive for IFUMSAites. And on academics, we will create a forum of discussions and policy implementations that will bring about change. It is also my agenda to brand up the association and light it up for people to see and know us from every nook and cranny of the globe.

How do you plan to raise funds for the things you plan to do?

Some of these things are not capital intensive but one way I believe we will raise funds is to harness the people’s resources. IFUMSAites are well connected and we intend to tap into that industry of our members to help us raise funds. I will also be looking for brands that we can offer something in order to form a partnership with them

From all indications, you are running unopposed. What do you have to say to that?

I think the much bigger question is why many offices are not even contested. I do not feel entirely good about it because IFUMSAites are being limited in making choices. But in the real sense of humanity, it’s a stress relief to run unopposed (laughs)

Sadly some manifestos end up being unfulfilled in spite of the promises while campaigning.
Why do you think you’ll be different?

I have a few manifestos. (Laughs) Aside from that, I am going to be counting on IFUMSAites to help me achieve them. 700 people cannot fail at the same thing.

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