Interview with Muhydeen Badru for the Office of the Director of Sports

Can we meet you?

My name is Badru Muhydeen Damilola, a Clinical 1 student (old). I’m aspiring for the post of Director of Sports in the forthcoming elections.

Nice to meet you Badru. You know I was thinking about medical students and sports. What do you have to say about sporting activities as an important part of IFUMSA as a whole? Is it necessary or is it just a matter of going with the status quo by having a departmental football team for instance?

Well, I believe from my statement of declaration of intent, the link between medical students and sports was highlighted which was one of my biggest motivations to run. I said, “we’re all sportsmen and sportswomen and especially because we’d be recommending physical activities to our patients at some point in our practice and I know we would love to partake in one when chanced” as modified.

What prompted your decision to run for this post?

Well, it’s mostly because I’ve been around the IFUMSA sporting world since my part one days. I was nominated to be a member of the Sports committee as a part one student by the erstwhile President, Dr Agbaje Tosin, to work during Dr Eleruja’s tenure as a DoS. Since then I’ve always been involved, worked with Oluwanöni and Babajide Ijiyode and have been a faculty coach in between. So it felt like the right decision at this time

What specific qualities do you possess that would make you the right fit for this post? And do you have any prior leadership experience?

I’m a sportsman, a passionate sportsman and additionally, I’m not strange to leadership positions in sports and outside sports. I’ve been the assistant coach of my class, coach of my class and coach of the faculty team at some point. Then I am currently the PRO of IFUMSA Health Awareness Club (IHAC) and Vice Chairman of IFUMSA Quiz and Debate Club. So I believe I’m in great shape in terms of experience and qualities to handle this position.

In light of this, how do you think these capacities have readied you for this position?

Experience majorly. I had to learn how to work with different sets of people and personalities to get the job done which is a big quality when handling leadership positions in my opinion. So yeah, the past positions have shaped me up very well in sports and in leadership as a whole.

When we think of sports in IFUMSA, like most departments, we mostly think of interclass football matches and it so happens that most females are not as interested nor as involved as their male counterparts. Any plans to remedy this? And What do you have to say about female participation in sports?

My plans include every willing IFUMSAite, not just footballers or the males. “We’re all sportsmen and sportswomen.” The plans are there. For example, the basketball team, it’s not exclusive to males. The plan is to engage willing female basketballers alongside during training and also with volleyball. There’s the Chess Club plan and there’s going to be an expanded Sports Fiesta. Many things are in stock for everyone willing to participate.

On a scale of 1-10, how confident are you about your ability to deliver?

Well, it requires a lot of things to work well for anything to go as a 10/10 but to be basal, I’d say 8.5/10

How do you plan to raise funds for these activities you plan to organize?

Hmmm, there’s a little surprise there for me which I wouldn’t like to reveal just yet until the administration kicks off. But aside from the little secret, as I said, I’ve been around IFUMSA sports for a while. I know how the funds are raised and I know multiple sports doctors that graduated while I was in junior classes. I believe when the time comes, they will joyfully assist the association when called upon.

Can you describe the Wale Okediran Competition you envision for our tenure? What would you do differently or better?

I will work with my committee to bring the best event possible The idea is to go with the traditional group staging system and include a two-legged KO stage which many of the stakeholders are very open to. It would be dubbed “Wale Okediran Super Cup.” So let’s see.

You’re running unopposed. What do you have to say to that?

I don’t know if that’s a good thing or otherwise but I don’t look at things from that lens. I’m still trying to inform IFUMSAites why I am running and why their mandate is needed regardless of if I have an opponent or not.

What measures do you plan to put in place to ensure that you follow through on your plans?

I won’t really go into details but majorly, I’ll make sure I have a strong committee to deliver all these promises. I can’t possibly do everything on my own, I’ll only be a facilitator to deliver the best sporting experience IFUMSAites deserve. So yes, a strong-willed committee would be my foundation.

Ok, Badru. Thanks for your time. And we wish you success.

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