Perhaps, a bow…

Change. Growth. Life. 

Once a simple cluster of cells to the first stroll of baby steps. 

Once, I spoke as a child. Now, I know what SAPA means. 

Once, I only wished to influence the change. But for a while, I have led the change. And I have learnt that you cannot do all. 

Life happens, and it did happen. Plans, not as planned. But we keep living, anyway. 

Before now, I’d heard two messages preached. “Lead the change!” “Influence the change!” To lead, you’d have to be in an office. But to influence it, you do not need one. I had found sanctuary in only the latter, but I have now experienced the former. And I have learnt that you cannot do all. 

As the outgoing Editor-in-Chief of MediVoice News and Literary Club, I do hope you have enjoyed the cycle of sky blues, clear skies, and sunshine packages of exciting content for your happy reading. 

What have I learnt? That you cannot do all. 

You cannot do all you wish to do.

You cannot do all that you can do—alone.


You can do one. And be perfect. You can pass the rest down to reliable friends. In good faith will always exist.

You can learn to trust in the abilities of the people that surround you. You can call them family. You can rely on them.

To my team that made this cycle successful, thank you. You are the best!

Whether to lead the change or influence the change, one thing stands: Be the change. 

As the cycle continues, know this and have peace: the MediVoice dream remains vivid, and we won’t stop bringing the smile to your lips. 

To kick off the new dispensation, I’d love to introduce our next leaders to take the club to greater heights. 

2022/2023 MediVoice Executives

Okhesomi Eshemokhai
Editor-in-Chief (EIC)

Jomiloju Abifarin
Deputy Editor-in-Chief (DEIC)

Joy Amara Okere
General Secretary

Bismarck Faola
Blog Manager

Barnabas Oludele
Public Relations Officer (PRO)

Toluwani Badejo
Alumni Relations Officer/ Email Manager

Olaoluwa Oladipupo
Assistant General Secretary/Board Manager

Mosinmiloluwa Motajo
Financial Secretary

Joy Olaitan
Graphics Editor

Timilehin Okunola
News and Events Chairman

Marvellous Ibiyemi
Literary Section Chief

Tobi Falokun
General Section Chief

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