Editor’s Note

Happy New Year to our dear readers! It’s a new decade (or not, depending on the counting system you choose. Or maybe you even think time is nothing but a social construct and the New Year means nothing to you) and MediVoice is back to deliver to you the best literal content on this side of the galaxy. But first, let’s talk about new year resolutions. By now, many people have probably begun to feel like failures because they still can’t jog every morning and they’re still procrastinating. Well, good news for you! A recent wake up call I heard has revealed to me possible reasons for resolution failure and how to solve it. You’ll have to read on to find out. MediVoice wants you to stay safe this epidemic season so check out our columns on the Lassa and COVID-19 viruses. More in this week’s line-up are fashion tips, interesting medical myths and poems to exercise your imagination with. So sit back, enjoy the gems we have for you and remember to smell the roses this week. Thanks for reading!
Tope- Ojo Teniola

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