Editor’s Note

Only a century ago, it was remained unthinkable that people could connect with one another instantly from different ends of the globe. Now, what is unthinkable is being unable to access the invisible lines of technology that tie us all together. In spite of this fact, many disadvantaged people remain disconnected from the information network. Although this new manifestation of inequality had been acknowledged, it became even clearer as schools and workplaces scrambled to find ways to continue operations online during the pandemic that societies need to work to bridge the digital divide. Information technology exists to provide us all with knowledge and to sate the natural curiosity that binds us as intelligent beings. It brings our shared achievements as a race to us in a way that is empowering and humbling at the same time. If it is to be considered truly global, information technology must become available and easily accessible to all because knowledge is more a necessity than it is a luxury.

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