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Only about two weeks ago, many of us were living our normal daily lives. Waking up and getting straight to the day’s business without having to check the WHO and NCDC’s pages, sitting next to our classmates with less than 6 feet between one another and hugging our family and friends. Now, without the meaning that daily routine gives to life, many of us can’t even tell which day of the week it is without checking our phones. All too suddenly, life as we know it has changed without guarantee that it will return to normal soon. The COVID-19 pandemic has touched virtually every corner of the globe. It has brought anxiety and anguish and has exposed the kinks and flaws of many societal systems. So many have likened the chaotic situation it has caused to war as the sweeping wave threatens to bring even the greatest nations to their knees. In these times, it is important that we find ways to keep up the hope while staying safe in our homes. We should all find our threshold for information absorption and avoid the panic and fear that multiple streams of information can cause by keeping to the recognized organizations and reputable sites for news on the outbreak. It is also important to create a routine to avoid feelings of boredom and loneliness. Now more than ever, we can appreciate the opportunities that technology has brought us as we find ways to connect with our family and friends. Keep healthy by avoiding the temptation to binge eat and finding ways to exercise around your home. Do not feel guilty if you don’t have the energy to embark on any projects during period because just getting through each day without school, your job, loved ones and favorite activities is more than enough. If you do find something to fill your time with, be sure to pace yourself. We know that you also want interesting and engaging reads so MediVoice has once again brought you a selection to enjoy. Our fashion column has advice on what to do with your closet even if there’s less dressing up to do these days. Find healthy feeding tips in our food column and continue with the myth and medicine series. Don’t forget to check out the poems as well. Happy reading and stay safe as we all hope for an end to this pandemic.

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