to grieve, but to live

Yes, time does heal a big part of our heavy hearts

My Opinion on Hope

By not expecting that the darkness would ever yield to light, what reason would then exist to navigate through the dark? Why not just eat and drink in the dark, and when tomorrow comes, let’s end it! Sad world!

Stress and Hope

To start with, let’s answer the question of if you have ever found a hopeless, yet happy person?


It is moments like these that keep me going.

Drive of Hope

Dashed hopes laughed at me
I felt trapped in uncertainties of what the future held

On New Year Resolutions

When making goals or resolutions, here are a few things to keep in mind

A simple riddle

I am something, I give faith wings to fly and faith in turn makes me real, what am I?

New York

In the words of BoJack Horseman, “New York is a great city to live in for six months and not one second longer.”

Potential made flesh.

It could be anything, an inventor, a fascist, a novelist

Editor’s Note

Reimagine the world, rewrite how things are done and hope that the future remains brighter