Editor’s Note

So many of us aren’t sure what to make of this New Year. Forgotten are the arguments about whether a new decade should begin in 2020 or 2021. More important is the realization that while the Earth might have completed yet another revolution of the sun, events occurring on the planet do not seem to know that.

Surprisingly (or not surprisingly), the virus did not simply evaporate on January 1. Life did not simply return to normal. So we are forced to finally acknowledge what we have long since known—that life as we used to know it may be taking a very very extended break. In spite of all this, humans have so far done what we do best. Reimagine the world, rewrite how things are done and hope that the future remains brighter than the past. We can all bring this into our personal lives. By looking forward to our goals and trying to make our little corner where we can exist fully as ourselves and embark on another journey of self.

In our first set of articles for the year, readers will delight in stories about hope and colour and adventure and resolutions. We hope that each of our pieces resonates with you, and look forward to delivering more this year and beyond.

Welcome to the New Year!

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