EDITOR’S NOTE 2/6/2019

HOlla dear medivoice readers! As usual, I would like to welome us all into the new week, with the hope that we get the fortitude required to keep moving forward.

If you’ve been paying attention to our publications on various platforms (which I really hope you have) you’ll be aware of the surprise we’ve been telling you to look forward to. Well, i’m glad to announce that we’re finallly in that time of the year when it’s all about the CADUCEUS MAGAZINE! Yep, caduceus2019 has been successfully put together for y’alls delight and we really can’t wait to share it!  Caduceus is the yearly publication of medivoice, where we put together brilliant write-ups from various spheres; talk about emerging issues, latest improvements in the medical world, entertainment, lifestyle, fashion etc. We also have creative write-ups—fiction, prose, poetry—from arguably the best young minds around, prepared for just you –our loyal Readers.

A trip through memory lane… Caduceus2018

Remember how caduceus2018 was a beautiful and delightful read? Well, caduceus2019 promises to be just as good and even better. Here is the catch though, there will be limited copies (yes, I know, I wish it wasn’t like too. But yunooo, Nigeria is what it is) and that’s why we’ve made provisions for you guys to PRE-ORDER! The launch date is june 22nd. You can contact 08101218495 or 08095165329 for more enquiries.

Finally, has we go through the next four years with BUBU, I desperately hope we can get closer to that future –a future that epitomizes our Nigerian dream.

Ps. Don’t forget to PRE-ORDER your caduceus2019 magazine through the contacts above. Visit us on I.G @medivoiceoau



Editor-in-chief MNA 2019.

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