IQDC proceeds to finals of NiMSA’s National Preclinical Quiz: The Story so far

The Nigerian Medical Students’ Association (NIMSA) organized a quiz competition for the preclinical forum of 36 Medical Students’ Association. The 36 Medical Students’ Associations were distributed into 4 groups of 9 schools each. IFUMSA’s IQDC was placed in GROUP C (New Amsterdam). Falokun Oluwatobiloba, Akindele Bolu, and Kabiawu Yetunde were the representatives of IFUMSA.

Group C (New Amsterdam) members were DUMSA, AEFUMSA, COOUMSA, AMSUL, UUMSA, IFUMSA, BhUMSA, ABUMSA, and CUMSA. Group C had its stuff banter on the 22nd of October, 2022. Dr. Edesiri Ighorodje graced the event with her presence.

The first stage went well with IFUMSA amassing a perfect score of 50 points – joint first with AMSUL and UUMSA. Five schools from this group proceeded to the next round.

The next round (knockout stage) kicked off on the 29th of October, 2022. The 5 winners from the 4 groups were divided into two groups – making 10 MSAs in each group.

This round went on with IFUMSA being in GROUP B. The 5 MSAs from the two groups with the highest scores qualified for the next round. IFUMSA topped her group with 50 points once again. With nine other members, she qualified for the next knockout stage. The 44th NiMSA President, Dr. Umar Danbuba, was present at this event.

On Saturday, November 5, 2022, the Knockout pro max stage kicked off. Dr. Ekaette Mbatt was the guest speaker of this event. Among the ten MSAs that participated in this event, only five MSAs got to qualify for the final stage – UIMSA, AAUMSA, IFUMSA, EKUSUMSA, and UUMSA. IFUMSA amassed 45 points in this round, ranking 3rd behind UIMSA and AAUMSA.

The modalities for the final round are yet to be finalized. Also, the organizers have not decided on whether it should be a virtual or a physical event. Nonetheless, we wish IFUMSA and her representatives (IQDC) the best in the upcoming finals. Go IFUMSA!

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