Guinea Coup Attempt: Soldiers Claim to Seize Power from President Alpha Condé

According to an unconfirmed video, Guinean President Alpha Condé was encircled by troops who claimed to have taken over the government.

Guinée, a country in West Africa rich in natural riches, is also one of the world’s poorest countries due to turmoil and bad administration over the years.

According to their claims on national television, they had dismantled the government.

The defence ministry, on the other hand, stated the presidential guard had foiled the planned coup.

Intense gunshots were heard near the presidential palace in Conakry for several hours before the video’s release.

Secretary-General Antonio Guterres of the United Nations and the African Union have criticized the seeming coup and urged President Condé’s immediate release.

What happened?

According to the nine unidentified troops speaking on television, they took control due to widespread corruption, mismanagement, and poverty.

They referred to themselves as National Committee for Reconciliation. According to them, the constitution has been annulled. There would be talks to draft a new, more democratic constitution.

Lt Col Mamady Doumbouya, an ex-French legionnaire, is said to have spearheaded the coup.

In the released video, the President was seen with no obvious injuries on a sofa while wearing trousers and a printed shirt. 

People behind the coup said that all air and ground borders had been closed for a full seven days.

As a result, soldiers loyal to President Assad “contained the threat and repulsed the group of invaders.”

According to Reuters, the only bridge linking the mainland to the Kaloum peninsular, which is home to most agencies and the presidential palace, was blocked off earlier this week, and armed troops were stationed all around the palace.

The world cup qualifying match against Morocco postponed.

Guinea’s home World Cup qualifier against Morocco on September 6 has been suspended due to the turmoil. FIFA explained that the choice was made to “guarantee all players’ safety and protection and safeguard all match officials.”

Moroccans stranded in Guinea after the coup are believed to be waiting for permission from their embassy to fly out of the country.

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