Favour Oyewole Named FAMSA Officer (Female) for the Month of September

The Federation of African Medical Students’ Association (FAMSA) has been bubbling in IFUMSA these past few months. What is peculiar about the tenure this year is that, for the first time, all six standing committees of FAMSA have local officers directing their activities in IFUMSA.

Favour Oyewole, a final year medical student of Obafemi Awolowo University Medical Students’ Association (IFUMSA), was appointed as the Liason Officer (LO) to FAMSA on the 10th of July, 2021. In this role, she ensures all standing committees are fully functioning. With this in mind, she and her committee members organised an orientation for IFUMSAites tagged “Get to know FAMSA,” which was very enlightening and informative.

The good news came last Sunday, 3rd of October, that Favour Oyewole had been named the FAMSA officer (Female) for September. We are happy about her win, and we look forward to more accolades her way. Here is what she had to say shortly after receiving this honour.

Can we meet you?

I am Favour Ikeoluwa Oyewole of the 600 level class.

What has your experience been so far in FAMSA?

It’s been an enlightening and exciting one. I have a team of brilliant and committed people who have made the work easier. 

How did you feel when you were named the Famsa officer of the month?

I felt elated and grateful.

What has been your biggest challenge so far in your position?

That would be getting a lot of IFUMSAites involved in FAMSA activities.

Are there any events IFUMSAites should look forward to from FAMSA?

Definitely, the General assembly of all FAMSA members across Africa in December holding in the Benin Republic. More details would be communicated later. There’s a weekly research training currently ongoing, organised by FAMSA West Africa Research Group. IFUMSAites should also look out for the monthly events from the standing committees.

There’s a lot to gain and achieve in FAMSA if we would all get involved. So yes, get involved.

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