The Buzz around NiMSA last week was the Standing Committee on Public Health’s International Public Health Symposium (IPHS) held at Ibadan. The summit recorded the attendance of delegates from different Medical student associations in Nigeria’s Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western regions. Public health, Nursing, and Physiotherapy students also attended, while Doctors and House officers were not left out.

Although varying academic calendars, Postings, Incourses, and MB exams held some delegates down, MediVoice is here to recap the event.  So, stay with us as we share the various aspects of the summit that contributed to the ultimate experience at IPHS 2022.

An Overview

IPHS is an annual event that started in 2019. It creates an avenue for medical students, public health professionals, and health enthusiasts to discuss relevant issues in global health. While the University of Ibadan Medical Students association, UIMSA hosted this edition, the venue was the prestigious Premier Hotel- one of the oldest hotels in Ibadan and a leader in state-of-art hotel technology.

On arrival, delegates checked into their respective rooms and returned downstairs for a relaxing opening ceremony beside the hotel pool. First, there were introductions, then games, heart-to-heart ‘gists’, and shared childhood stories.  After eating, everyone retired in anticipation of the next day’s events.

Altogether, the four-day event was a mix of intellectual meetings during the day- like the plenary sessions, research workshops, and abstract presentations. And social events in the evening included a karaoke and games night on Thursday, an excursion to one of Ibadan’s hotspots on Friday, and a dinner party on Saturday Night. Additionally, there were breakfast, lunch, and dinner breaks, which most people used as avenues to connect with delegates from other schools.

Some notable attendees were The NIMSA Southwest Caucus Chairman and Secretary- Mr Olajide Oluwatayo and Mr. Hammed Olamide Dauda, respectively. The Vice President (internal) of NiMSA, Mr. Emmanuel Idodoh, was also present throughout the symposium. As were two Nimsa Presidential Aspirants from the Northcentral Caucus, Mr. Plangji Nathaniel Jwanbot and Ehi Ehigege.

Finally, there were emeritus NiMSAites in attendance, including Dr. Oluseyi Animashaun-the former President of the University of Ilorin’s student union. Also, Dr. Muili Opeyemi Aminat– former Nimsa SW Regional Coordinator, and Dr. Ajayi Anuoluwatimilehin– the 35th Speaker of the IFUMSA Parliament. Additionally, Dr. Lolu Akinteye-the immediate past president of IFUMSA, Dr. Olowookere Emmanuel, Dr. Progress Agboola, etc.

These Doctors moderated various aspects of the events alongside some soon-to-be doctors, including Olaoluwa Olorunfemi- former President of UIMSA. And then, Adewunmi Akingbola and Khalil-ur-Rahman Abdulli- final year Medical students of LASUMSA & ILUMSA, respectively.

The Premier Experience

The location couldn’t have been more perfect as it gave delegates a “vacation-like” experience.

The famous and prestigious Premier Hotel is elegantly perched atop the famous Mokola Hill. Its strategic positioning offered a good view of Ibadan city because delegates could easily look through their balconies to see the thousands of houses scattered on the plains. Moreover, all rooms were en-suite and equipped with smoke detectors, bedside tables, bathtubs, satellite TV sets, and air conditioners.

Many delegates also enjoyed the Free wifi connectivity. At the same time, the swimmers among them explored the swimming pool in the afternoon to cool their bodies, rest, and play.  The comfortable elevators, serene environment, and wonderful internal architecture made many people temporarily forget the rigour of Medical School.


Over 30 speakers lectured at the symposium from different niches within the health sector. From health financing, health management, health research, and clinical practice to health prevention and advocacy. Below are the speakers who were present at the symposium both physically and virtually. 

  1. Dr Walter Kazadi Mulombo [WHO Country Representative (WR) to Nigeria] represented by Dr Isiaka Ayodeji Hassan
  2. Dr Boluwaji Onabolu [CEO, WASHMATA Initiatives.] 
  3. Berlings Banda [Public Health Specialist and Consultant, BERTI Foundation]
  4. Silvia Nanyangwe [Founder and Executive director, Center or Climate Change Action and Advocacy]
  5. Mr Otuo-Akyampong [Founder and President, Eco Warriors Movement]
  6. Mr Nishiwe Pius [Country WASH Director, GOAL]
  7. Dr Elizabeth Alice Liyoug Diallo [MD/CEO, Likak Research]
  8. Pharm Abass Sanni [Head of Vaccines of GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical Nigeria Limited] representing Pharm Kunle Oyelana [CEO, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical Nigeria Limited]
  9. Dr Lawrence Akunga [Medical Head, English Speaking Sub Saharan Africa, Sanofi vaccines]
  10. Prof Tanimola Akande [Member Board of Directors, Georgetown Global Health Nigeria Ltd]
  11. Isabella Naana Asante [Founder and CEO, Isabella Healthcare Service]
  12. Dr Babalobi Olutayo Olajide [Council Member, International Society for Infectious Diseases]
  13. Leandre Ishema MD [One Health Specialist, Rwanda Biomedical Center]
  14. Dr Kikiope Oluwarore [Founder, One Health and Development Initiative]
  15. Prof. Babatunde Lawal Salako [Director-General, Nigerian Institute of Medical Research]
  16. Ms Juliet Odogwu [Executive Director, eHealth Africa] represented by Dr. David Akpan [Deputy Director, Programs & Impact, eHealth Africa]
  17. Dr. Prosper Okonkwo [CEO Aids Prevention Initiative In Nigeria (APIN)] represented by Dr. Olabanjo Okunlola Ogunsola [Associate Director & Head, Prevention & Community Services APIN]
  18. Dr. Micheal Oji [Consultant, World Health Organization ]
  19. Emily K. Sheldon [Co-Founder & CEO, African Health Innovation Centre]
  20. Dr Sam Oboche Agbo [Senior Health Advisor & Deputy Team Leader, UK Department of International Development] represented by Dr. Francis Ohanyido [ Director General & Adjunct Professor of Public Health, West African Institute of Public Health
  21. Professor Oladapo Ashiru [CEO, Medical ART Centre]
  22. Dr Abayomi Sule [Managing Director, CarePay Nigeria Limited]
  23. Mr Timothy Akinmurele [CEO, Equitable Health Access Initiative]
  24. Dr Owen Omo-Ojo Ochayi [MD/CEO, HIGC Health Consultants LTD]
  25. Dr Olajide Adebola [CTO/Partner, Home plus Medical Services LTD]
  26. Dr Bayode Oke Thomas [Country Lead, InstantRad Inc]
  27. Dr Ikpeme Neto [Founder, Wella Health Technologies]
  28. Nick Mwenda [Former Health Financing & Health Policy Contributor,Financing Alliance for Health]
  29. Adam Thompson represented by Dr Emeka Momah [Vice President Medical AƦairs,  EHAClinics]
  30. Mr Zakari Isiaka Osheku [Founder & Executive Director, PHC Initiative Africa]

Plenary Sessions

The major highlight of the symposium were the plenary sessions. The plenary sessions involved panel discussions on various public health topics In total, there were 9 plenary sessions. The issues deliberated upon during the plenary sessions included the following;

  1.  Epidemiology and Antimicrobial Resistance: the One Health Approach to Attaining Global Health Security
  2. Sub-Theme: Vaccine Inequity: Making a Case for Developing Nations in Fighting Communicable Diseases with Shots of Humanity 
  3.  Sub-Theme: Winning the Battle With Reinforcement: Long-term Solutions and Policy Implementation on the Burden of Cancer and Other NCDs 
  4. Sub-theme: Ending the Neglect: Evaluating Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and Climate Action for Colossal Awakening on Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) in Developing Countries
  5. Sub-theme: Covid-ization Of Global Health Progress: Strengthening Health Systems for Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness & Catholic Response
  6. Sub-theme: Policies and Mass Adoption:  Kindling a Gleam of Hope Through Assisted Reproduction Technologies (ART) In Developing Nations
  7. Sub-theme: Revamping Primary Health Care for Universal Health Coverage
  8. Sub-theme: Tackling Health Inequities: Improving Healthcare Financing and  Advancing Social Determinants of Health in Low-and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs)
  9. Sub-theme: Modern Medicine: Grappling Technology to Fast-track Global Health Equity In Developing Nations

Speakers gave powerful ideas, exposition, comparisons, and solutions where necessary to the topics discussed during the plenary sessions. In one of these sessions, Dr. Owen recommended that Nigeria changes her healthcare perspective to make Public-Private partnership structures work. She also stated that medicine is a business the public sector cannot finance alone. During the same session, Dr. Timothy urged Nigerian students and youths to charge politicians on what we need, especially adequate healthcare. He also went further to encourage NiMSA to publish a communique about how to improve healthcare solutions in Nigeria, as the country is already in its electioneering phase.

The final plenary session, moderated by Dr. Adeolu Olowookere, educated delegates on how to harness the opportunities outside the medical profession, carve a unique career path for oneself, and find purpose. Dr Neto, founder of Wella Health, also shared his experience as a startup founder and how to encourage health tech adoption amongst Nigerians. Internship opportunities cutting across fields like programming, design, product management, and marketing were open to delegates who were present. 

Research Workshops

Another splendid part of IPHS 2022 was the Research workshops facilitated by Dr. Progress Agboola and Abdulhammed Babatunde. These seminars were pretty corrosive as Dr. Progress, and Abdulhammed walked delegates through their personal experiences as young researchers. They also gave a detailed guide about how to start and conduct research. The challenges in a research career and how to deal with them. 

It was a round-table discussion that symposium also proved to be an amazing place to start one’s research career. 

Abstract Presentations

There were five abstract presentations during the events, including-

  1. Investigating the relationship between hypertension and body mass index among residents of Apana community, Modake Osun state by Okunola Timilehin IFUMSA
  2. Behavioral risk factors of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) among Nigerian Undergraduate: Review by Olaitan Komolafe IFUMSA
  3. eHealth interventions in pregnancy care in low and middle-income countries – Babatunde Abdulhammed Opeyemi
  4. Impact of Hospital Outreach on patients’ Knowledge of patient Centred Care by Afolabi Temitope Kafayat UIMSA
  5. Revamping primary health care for Universal health coverage, a review of various existing reforms by Osuntoye Sunday Damilare IFUMSA.

Social Events

After a thrilling first day on Thursday, delegates returned to the hall for the karaoke and games night. Scrabble, chess, and Blurt were among the games played. Delegates also had fun singing along to their favourite songs at the karaoke. 

On Friday, delegates had a swell time touring around the ancient city of Ibadan. First, they visited the beautiful Agodi Gardens. Unfortunately, they were unable to secure their entry into the garden. To save the day, they decided to visit the Tunde Odelade Art gallery to appreciate the beautiful work of art displayed there. Before the gallery’s closing, they were joined by the owner of the gallery, who also happened to be a veteran batik artist Mr. Tunde Odelade.

Dinner & Awards Night

The summit was capped beautifully with the National Public Health Dinner. Let us paint you the picture of how this ended.

As delegates made their way to the red carpet to have their last official shots of the summit taken, the air was filled with wistfulness and joy. After the usual fanfare with pictures, the MC began his campaign to ensure all guests were in a constant fit of laughter. The Local Organising Chairperson, Abdulrahman Lawal also gave the summit’s opening address. He welcomed each delegate present and appreciated his LOC for making the symposium a reality. 

During this period, the caterers were not slacking and served steaming bowls of pepper soup to each delegate. It ‘slapped’ even harder when the live Fuji band began to weave their magic into every ear, demanding that they abandon the soup to dance to the music. The lead singer was undoubtedly an expert in the art of eulogy or “Oriki” as Yorubas call it. She captivated the audience with songs in the local dialect and sang praises for each guest. Delegates who were pros at dancing made their way to the stage to dance. Some delegates “sprayed” the lead singer as she eulogized them. Even those who preferred to stay still could not help moving to the beat and vibe in the hall.

The joy was palpable. It was a proper dinner in truth and in deed.

The National Director of the Standing Committee on Public Health, Temitayo Femi Matthew, was called to give a short speech. He noted his delight in a successful year and the milestones and partnerships achieved. Also, he briefly narrated how certain circumstances made the saying “Ife wanted SCOPH” a household saying among older NIMSA SW members. He expressed his appreciation for being the flag bearer of the committee this year and for his team that helped achieve his vision. You can read the full closing ceremony speech here.

Furthermore, He invited Dr. Muili, Dr. Animashaun, Olutayo Olajide, and others to present awards to the LOC and SCOPH national team members for their commitment. They also presented an award to IFUMSA & UIMSA for their support in bringing the program to reality. 

He invited all SCOPH’s present, current, and past members to join him on stage to cut the cake. And everyone continued in dancing and more dancing. 

Of course, the next day, everyone checked out of the hotel and found their way home. But not before collecting more phone contacts, taking more pictures, and wiping a few tears.

Attendees comments

“Kudos to the organizers, SCOPH-D, Abdulrahman Pelumi & others for their heavy weight capacity in putting together the event.

Balogun Michael, Imo State University (IMSUMSA)

“This Symposium is one of my best experiences in NiMSA so far. The caliber of speakers and moderators at every plenary session surpassed all expectations. The impact made was phenomenal and a testament to the quality of leadership and capacities that we possess within the Nimsa Southwest Region. I congratulate my friend and brother, Temitayo Femi Matthew, and the entire SCOPH and IPHS teams on this resounding success. Cheers.”

Oluwatayo Olajide (NIMSA Southwest Caucus Chairman, ILUMSAite)

“I’m excited I was part of the just concluded NiMSA IPHS. The organization was top notch and the events were really educative. The program is an evidence that NiMSA is taking steps in the right direction.”

Plangji N. Jwanbot (JUMSA, NIMSA Presidential Aspirant)

“It was educating. I made new friends of which we know the importance of human network can never be over emphasized. The flame in me for public health was invigorated and I thank IPHS 2022.”

Ehi Ehigege (JUMSA President & NIMSA Presidential Aspirant)

That’s the gist on the IPHS Experience! For more of such programs MediVoice has covered, including the hilarious retelling of the recent Southwest Regional convention at ABUAD, click here.

This report was compiled by Okunola Timilehin, Eshemokhai Okhesomi & Komolafe Olaitan.

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