An Unfiltered World

I wonder what it means to live in a world without filters.
Will the world have no lies? Will the truth be on everyone’s lips?
I think it will be a place where words will be free… to mean what they truly mean.
A world where masks are nonexistent and emotions are as clear as glass.
Where when he says, “I’m fine,” he means it and it’s not a lie told to hide all his scars.
Where his pain can be seen, and it’s okay not to be okay.
He doesn’t have to be the “Cool tough guy.”
Where “cool” is expressing his vulnerabilities and fears.
A Place where it’s okay for her to say, “I like you,” instead of “Big head” without the world imploding.
Her replies aren’t “K’s” but long paragraphs expressing her feelings.
Where the “I love you” she hears isn’t some lie to bed her but a longing from the depths of a needy soul.
A land where hopeless romantics can truly be hopeless and their hearts can run wild.
Where a mother would say “I’m sorry” and not “Food is on the table.”
A father would accept the fault was from him, not the tone of his offspring’s voice.
Where adolescents would listen to their hearts and kiss their old grandma goodbye and not say it’s gross.
Even elders can admit they don’t know everything and be willing to learn
Where youths are humble enough to ask for guidance.
A world where words and actions speak the same volume.
An unfiltered world with unfiltered people.

A note from the Penman

Hi there, it’s the Penman here. The poem above is an excerpt directly from my heart. I hope it spoke to you. If it did, please like, comment, and share. To read more poems like this, click here. Till when next we meet, catch y’all.

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