Vile Love

Friendship is a bunch of terrible choices, made with the right people to make it alright.

It is a bond made with goodwill, ignoring all the bad that comes with the package.

Friendship is a box for bad secrets, kept in a vault of white alabaster for the filth and muck so your soul can be a little cleaner and bear another load.

It is that ill-timed jolt of energy, to refresh us in our despair, the most annoying inconvenience that gets us out of the dumps.

Companionship is a war, a clash of wills and personalities that find a way to bear with each other instead of ripping each other apart

Cameraderie is a sacrifice of peace for the ever-demanding bond we forge with another random entity. It is toasts to forgotten dates and black heads around the loss of one.

Love is a spirit that chants, demanding dominance from two possessed, giving what they need but not always expect.

It is war on souls twain, renting virgin soil cauterizing again.

It shapes new people out of the battles it makes.

Gives them its peace, but spurs them to fight again.

Some find peace with one battle, others fight again, looking for a set of scars that heal their own, for the perfect alignment between their flesh and bones.

Killer, healer, firemonger,dealer, time-wasting winner

Thief and giver

Love is the burner of scripts, and the human enigma.

Love is war, one we choose to face- to cherish and pamper in a warm embrace, tear-filled pain when the bond breaks.

A friend’s bond is a cord of bad secrets and varied experiences that binds any two together some in an awkward fashion that somehow morphs into lovely forevers.

It is the boy at your call and beck, the girl that always checks, the hugs in the dark when your heart is overstretched.

It is mother’s prayers and a brother’s call, a man with big toys, a boy with his ball.

Tis a safe place between dancing flames, a song that’s played and always played again. It is the circle that we run to in our joys, a home where silly can be voiced without the sky losing its place.

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