The Room – Through Her Mind’s Eye

– The Room

It was hot, yet there was water everywhere.

Heat came off the walls in scorching waves. Rain hit the roof relentlessly. It was wrong. It all felt wrong.

And it had all started when that little kid wandered in with a lit lighter.

The room

The lights flickered, but the meeting went on. The fans blew faster, letting out hot air, yet they discussed. Was she the only one seeing this?

She was used to seeing things others couldn’t, but this felt too real. She could feel the tension building; she could touch it. It was so palpable that she could almost tune it like a guitar string. Her senses heightened; she could feel everything although could barely tell what was what.

There was one thing she knew for sure: something was wrong.

She looked to her left and saw the new guy concentrating on the team lead. She traced his gaze to the front of the room and realized that the lead was standing still. In the same position she had been in two minutes earlier.

She tapped the guy. Once, twice. He didn’t move. He wasn’t concentrating, he was frozen.

Another look at the little kid slinking out of the room, and the pin dropped. The lighter dropped as well.

The room hadn’t been swimming in water. It wasn’t water.

Just as the realization washed over her, the room went up in flames.

She stood still, watching as the flames licked everything. Everything but her.

Hi there, it’s the Lieme here. The story above screams mystery, murder and the wonders of the human mind. The story is far from over – if you would like to see more, then like, comment, and share this post. To read more stories like this, click here. Till we meet next time, catch y’all.

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