Writer’s Interview: Meet W.O.F, an avid lover of Wildlife, African Proverbs, and Weird Fantasy Stories.

You’re our honored guest for this week’s Writer’s Interview. Can we meet you?

I’m Falokun Oluwatobiloba, popularly known as WOF.
I am a member of the new part 4 class and one of the class’s representatives in the SRB. I am also MediVoice’s General Section Chief, a member of the IFUMSA Academic Committee, and a member of the IFUMSA Quiz and Debate Club where I am privileged to serve as one of the subgroup coordinators. I am a science and wildlife enthusiast, and I enjoy reading and writing, among other things.

So, What has your writing journey been like?

Eventful, to say the least.

First off, I started writing as far back as when I was in primary school. Then, it was just one of the many things I tried my hands on. I particularly had a thing for writing stories then – and boy, did I do it a lot! However, when I moved into secondary school, the rate at which I wrote tapered off because I was increasingly more engrossed in academic work as the years went by. I still wrote – just, not so often. All that changed when I got into OAU anyway. I was fortunate enough to cross paths with many brilliant writers that fanned the flames of writing in me once more. Since then, it’s been a rollercoaster of different things. I also have MediVoice to thank too for where I am today in the writing journey.

Eventful indeed. What does writing mean to you?

A number of things.

Firstly, communication and expression. Writing is a way in which I pass across certain concepts to people – for different reasons.
Also, it is an escape of sorts from budding negative thoughts which often stem from my “overactive” imagination. In other words, it is one of the ways I tame my mind and bring it back on track.

However, on some days when no gloomy clouds are hanging over my head or work doesn’t “choke”, I write for enjoyment. Lastly, writing sort of resonates with money to me, once in a while, as I freelance whenever time and opportunity are available.

Writing brings you joy and money. Double blessings.

What do you like to write?

-Wildlife-themed pieces.
-Science and health-related pieces.
-Fictional pieces; fantasy.
-The occasional dark poem.

Dark poems? That’s very interesting. Where do you get your inspiration from?

-Happenings around me.
-Thoughts in my head.

Wow. So many sources of inspiration. I have a feeling you rarely suffer from writer’s block. What’s your favorite book?

Tough question.
I don’t know… Probably “Shogun”?

A fictional masterpiece.
History, adventure, and Romance woven masterfully by the author. The book left quite an impression on me, I guess.

What is your favorite writing piece of all the ones you have written?

I’d restrict this to MediVoice pieces – the ones the public knows about.
It’s my first piece – The African Wild Dog, for sentimental reasons.

Also, what are your other interests apart from writing?

Apart from school work? Well… I love to source for and study weird and “science-ey” facts, wildlife pieces, and proverbs. I watch animal documentaries, movies, and anime. I also have a thing for music. I sing as well.

A writer-singer! Impressive.
Now, to the question readers of the Writer’s interview are curious about: how do you combine writing with medical school?

I tend to be obsessive in my endeavors, so I keep the primary ones as few and as aligned as possible. As far as I am concerned, schoolwork is primary and things like writing are secondary. I try as much as possible to keep things that way.

Whenever any “unavoidable” or “important” secondary endeavor (writing, in this case) rears its head at odd times, I attend to it as soon as possible and clear it out of the way. If I can write in advance to keep up with certain commitments, I do it in my free time to take it off my mind. Then, I cover up for possible lapses that may have ensued as soon as possible and as much as I can.

If writing is not necessary at that point, or it happens to clash with one of my primary businesses, I don’t do it. Having many tabs open in my head at once doesn’t quite work for me. I deal with things 100% as they come if I can afford to. If I can’t, I ignore them. When my schedule isn’t so choked up, however, I am laxer with writing.

That’s my idea of balance.

Hmm. 100% or nothing. That makes sense.
We know you’re into African proverbs and wildlife. What brought about those interests?

My dad is an avid lover of wildlife. We used to have a lot of CDs at home about different forms of wildlife and stuff – I think we still do anyway. So, the whole thing just rubbed off on me from childhood.

About the proverbs part, well… I just happened to stumble upon a “proverbs” page on Facebook a few years back. I began to engage their posts and over time, the whole “proverbs” thing sort of grew on me.

Furthermore, should we expect anything from you in the future? A book on African Proverbs, perhaps?

On African proverbs? I don’t think so.
Most of the things I write (outside MediVoice) only ever circulate among a small circle of friends. But, I am kinda working on something (a really weird fantasy book, actually) that I MIGHT share with people once I’m done.

Ooooh. That sounds exciting! Can’t wait to read it!
Who knows, it could end up being a bestseller :-

I don’t know if it’s going to be that good though… Or if I’m going to release it in the first place.

Let’s hope you do.
Thank you for gracing this episode of Writer’s Interview, Chief Author-to-be.

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