POTW Specials: Rookie of the Year Nominee, Ezembu Victoria Eberechukwu

MediVoice: Hellloooooo!! Who’s in the house today??

POTW: Hiiiii I’m Ezembu Victoria Eberechukwu, a 200lvl medical student, an Igbo babe and the last baby girl of my house😂

MediVoice: Oshey!!! Make sense intro. It’s not easy to be the last girl of an igbo family. You must be dad’s special baby. So Vicky, Where do you hail from ?

POTW: Coal city state all the way! I’m from Enugu🤗

MediVoice: All the way from Eastern Nigeria, that’s lovely. Do you hold any office in Ifumsa?

POTW: I’m an SRB representative of my class.

MediVoice: Oh yeah!! You are really representing us well I can attest to that. What do you enjoy doing?

POTW: Depends on my mood, lol. It could be hanging out with my friends, dancing and other outdoorsy activities or curling up in bed with a good book or a really nice series to binge watch and some food

MediVoice: Awwwwwwwn…the stress-free kinda life. It’s the curling up in bed with a good book for me. Nothing beats that with some chocolates and ice cream . Vicky, what do you love to appear in?

POTW: I think my fashion preferences are diverse but you can never go wrong with a nice pair of denim trousers/ denim skirt and a cute top of course.

MediVoice: Simple but still slaying. So far, what has been your worst and best course in college ?

POTW: Worst- Anatomy because there’s always so much to read and best- Physiology because it’s the most interesting.

MediVoice: Physio leads…(laughs). Anatomy never gets finished. Why do you think you were chosen as POTW?

POTW: Err because I’m an IFUMSAite😂. It’s an honour to do this by the way, thank you Medivoice.

MediVoice: The pleasure is ours. Good to have you too. So, how do you feel being nominated for the Rookie of the Year award?

POTW: I’m just grateful. I really wasn’t expecting it.

MediVoice: Awwwwn that feeling. Do you have any departmental crushes?

POTW: Sigh. I refuse to call this a crush but there’s someone in college I can sell my kidney for. His name is Elisha.

MediVoice: Hahan…it’s plenty oo.. you really shouldn’t call it a crush. This one has passed that stage oo..(laughs). Elisha, I hope you see this. So, are you in a relationship? If no, are you open to one?

POTW: Yeah, I’m in a relationship🤗

MediVoice: Love is plenty everywhere oo..show us the way now. And for her admirers, I guess that’s all you would ever be for now…hahahaha. Why did you pick medicine as a course of study?

POTW: I chose Medicine because it’s the best first step I can take towards my ultimate goal which is far beyond Medicine, for me.

MediVoice: Wow…its the assurance for me. Do you mind sharing your weirdest experience?

POTW: In college? I don’t think I’ve had any😂

MediVoice: Lol. The journey is still far, time would tell. So next: What’s your best food?

POTW: Bread and tea!😋

MediVoice: Wawu..seems you don’t like food, that’s more like a snack. (Laughs) Anyways, what country would you like to visit if you had an opportunity?

POTW: France. I love French people and their rrrrrs.

MediVoice: Oh wow… France is actually cool. Lots of beautiful places. Are you into any business or side hustle? If yes, how do you strike a balance?

POTW: None yet but I have plans. Anticipate IFUMSA!

MediVoice: We are waiting for your break forth. Go girl!! What is your philosophy of life?

POTW: There’s no point doing something if you’re not giving it your best. Your best has to be the starting point.

MediVoice: Great words from Vicky’s table. So, where do you see yourself in next 10 years?

POTW: Doing wonderfully well in whatever I’m doing.

MediVoice: Well said. So, would you love to stay in Nigeria or japa?

POTW: Japa or better still stay in Nigeria but earn in dollars.

MediVoice: Hmmmmmm…good strategy. Someone who isn’t singing japa japa at last. What extracurricular activities do you engage in?

POTW: Volunteering at the Clinic for human rights and participating in IFUMSA’s events, also singing in my church choir

MediVoice: Awwwwww…that’s so cool serving humanity in all aspects. I love that. So Vicky, here’s an opportunity to give a shout out

POTW: To my classmates, Unicus Medicos and all other IFUMSAites that are dear to my heart.

MediVoice: Go go!! Unicus Medicos. Anything you would you like to leave us with?

POTW: You guys are definitely the Organ of the Year in my opinion. Thanks for your consistency. Keep up the good work!

MediVoice: Yay!!! Thank you so much for the compliment. It was great having you.

Hey, guys it’s another episode over again. Keep watching this space.

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