Love is Overrated: Embrace Being Single

More people need to realize that there is more to life than being in love. While it might be a popular opinion that love is the next best thing after sliced bread, I think it is overrated. I think you can embrace being single, be productive, and be happy. Yes, all without love.

Can you remember the first time you became conscious of the opposite sex? The first time you looked at a girl/boy and saw your future in their eyes? Was it primary school or secondary school? Or you were a late bloomer, uni? How many people has it been since then and you’re still single? Is that not enough of a sign to give up on this pursuit and enjoy the sweetness of life? Loving someone in a romantic context can be such a sweet thing. However, it could also be a great hassle that you do not want to add to your already busy life.

Johnny Drille said: ’ Loving is harder than they show you, you’ll never know until you’re bruised and burned’ in his song and it is so true. Love is a beautiful thing. We can agree on that – but is it worth all the stress? To love is to be vulnerable and open up the chance for people to hurt you.

No one likes to get hurt intentionally, yet we give people the chance to hurt us when we decide to be in love. Truly, it works for some. They enjoy the dividends of love when they take the risk but if this love thing is not working for you, why not give up on it? Why continue to stress about it? To think you can’t do without love is to be living on the end of the love spectrum. Several men and women have gone ahead of you and laid the path of singleness to glory for you. You can throw love in the bin if you can’t figure it out. You won’t be the first to do it.

What I am saying is that love is overrated. It is not all there is.

The path of singleness is not all bad.

There are so many reasons to embrace your single life and I’m here to lead you to the light.

Your mother’s love is enough

Nothing compares to a mother’s love. Her love is all encompassing. Her love is enough. So, why not revel with contentment in your mother’s love? Finding the flesh of your flesh and the bone of your bone has not worked out since you’ve been trying. This is the time to remember that you are loved at home.

Even if your father does not say it vocally, the bank alert you get periodically is a good sign that he loves you. Your siblings also communicate their love under the guise of banter and sibling fight.

There is love at home and the street is not chasing you. Don’t go chasing after Solape after she told you, “you’re like a brother to me.”

Life’s stress is enough.

Not having to deal with relationship drama is a blessing that you enjoy freely being single. Imagine dealing with all the shege life throws on a steady and you still have to bother about Joy saying she fell asleep last night.

Trust me, the fruits of the spirit are in the singles’ package. Peace and joy will not be far from you.

You can manage your N200 recharged card for as long as possible. Nobody is calling you at 2am and your single self is not calling anyone.

Friendzone is not a bad place to be.

When you are able to easily classify people as friends as you meet them, it will save you from having so many failed talking stages. Embracing your singleness will enable you to have a free mind towards everyone. You’re not up and about looking for your spec among people you are meeting newly.

You don’t have to allow them relegate you to the friendzone. You create it yourself and set the boundaries. The healthy boundary will also keep you safe from all forms of situationship – which means peace and freedom!

The Friendzone is a safe place to be with everyone. You’re not at risk of breakfast.

No one can break your heart if you did not give it to anybody in the first place. You protect yourself from severe heartbreak when you embrace your singleness.

When others say ‘breakfast is a national cake’, you can boldly respond that ‘breakfast is not for me’. You’ve insured yourself breakfast. Taking the path of singleness shields you from all the possibilities of heartbreak from a romantic partner.

It’s just you and yourself.

In conclusion, once more, love is overrated. It is very possible to enjoy life without it and there are even many pros to embracing single life. Do not pressure yourself into loving another. If you don’t want to do life alone, get a pet. Single life is a good option if love doesn’t work for you.

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