The Darkness 2: The Shattering

Rumble.  I made my way back to the alley where this all started as the dark sky threatened to cry. Also, for some reason, these nights have grown darker and colder ever since “The shattering.” Maybe we were slowly being prepared for what is to come. Everyone calls what happened 3 months ago “The shattering”. The day the sky shattered and revealed the darkness on the other side.

Unfortunately, Science had no explanation for it, and that left room for various theories. Some say it’s a god’s way of punishing us. Others say it’s an alien invasion. Everyone had different theories but one thing was common. Fear. Humans fear what they do not understand, and when the unknown is a giant hole of darkness left in the sky, it’s no surprise that the world is terrified. You’d be insane if you weren’t. By some stroke of misfortune, I was the only one who knew the truth and even my knowledge was greatly limited to an unfinished book.

I stared at this ancient book in my hand frustrated. I had gone through it for the umpteenth time without finding any helpful information. It only talked about the darkness and the worlds it had devoured. Unfortunately, It gave no information on how to fight or survive. All it gave me were more questions:

Are we fated to be consumed?

Why haven’t they attacked yet?

I sighed as I arrived at the alley where I first the strange old man. Because If anyone had answers, it’d be him.

The old man’s words still lingered in my mind. “Be careful when staring into the abyss. It stares right back at you.”


I anxiously searched every corner of the dark alley but it was futile. I found no trace of his ever being here. But I found something else. A silver cross. It was a strange one that seemed to repel the thick darkness and drink the dim moonlight greedily. I decided to keep it because I found it intriguing. Finding nothing else, I made to leave.


I stopped as I heard a sound inside one of the trash cans in the alley.

Don’t tell me he’s been inside all this time. I dashed to it thrilled that I may finally find answers. However, when I opened the trash can I saw a ragged hooded figure.

“Old man?” I asked.

Suddenly, the figure pounced on me pinning me to the ground.

A putrid smell assaulted my nose, decaying flesh. I saw part of the face hidden beneath the hood. It was monstrous. The right side of its face was that of a disfigured human. It was completely covered with scars save its glittering red eye that radiated intense blood lust. It had no teeth. Instead, fangs that were long, pointy, and rotten. Also. its nose was an empty socket where maggots found refuge.

Furthermore, the left side was like staring at death for It was completely devoid of any flesh. Just a pale white skull and Its eye socket housed an emerald flame. Afraid, I struggled but couldn’t break free from the immense strength of this creature. He stared at me with his contrasting red and green, relishing the prey who couldn’t get free.

“Ar…thur.” Immediately, I went limp. How did this creature know my name?

Sensing my confusion, It gave a wicked smile and spread its mouth wide to devour me.

Is this how it ends?

Suddenly, the silver cross in my pocket let out a glow, releasing a warm light.

”Aaaaaaahhhhhh!” Its unholy scream pierced the night.

I couldn’t tell what was happening but seeing what the cross did to it, I took it out and shoved it into his face freeing myself from its grasp. What was warm light to me became a scorching heat to the creature. It wailed and thrashed before finally bursting into flames. The creature was soon burnt to a crisp and its ashes were blown away by the cold breeze.

I stood still in the empty alley confused, tired and afraid and my only source of comfort was the cross in my hand. Strangely, holding it gave me the courage to stare into the Abyss in the sky left by the shattering. But this time I could feel it staring back at me.

A Note From The Penman

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PS: Don’t forget to say a little prayer before sleeping.

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