Writer’s Interview: Meet Jhay, aka Olode of the Heart.

Look who’s our guest for this edition of Writer’s Interview. You have many names: Jhay, Olode of the Heart, theweirdprodigy. We’re interested in meeting the person behind the names. Can we meet you?

Hello, my name is Abifarin Jomilolu Matthew PKA Olode of the heart.

We’ll get to how you got that interesting name later, but first, when did you start writing?

2019 I think. I’ve been friends with Marvellous since part 1; she actually inspired me to start. She saw the “raw talent”.

Aw. It’s nice to have friends who bring out the best in us. Marvellous, if you’re reading this, Medivoice is thanking you for inspiring Jhay.

Ahem. Special recognition aside, what does writing mean to you?

Like to every other serious writer, EVERYTHING. Writing is my solace, my sanctuary, A place to soar and spread my wings. My refuge in times of need, My therapist to vent and sing. It’s my confidante, my dear companion, With whom I share my deepest thoughts. A magician’s wand in my hand, With which I weave and spin my plots. I can pretty much do anything with writing. That’s why I love it so much.

What do you like to write? I can already guess.

Poetry is my thing. I do other forms of writing to make money, but I enjoy poetry the most.

Hehe. I guessed right. Where do you get your inspiration from?

Idk, my life? I would have to say that it comes from my life. Specifically, I find myself drawing inspiration from a particular time or experience in my life that relates the most to what I need to write about. In other words, when I need to write about something, I tend to think about an event or period of my life that relates best to the topic at hand, and that’s how I come up with my ideas.

Now, to the question that’s been on our readers’ minds from the start: how did you get the name “Olode of the heart”?

It all started during a random Medivoice meeting. At the time, I was writing the love and relationship column and was gaining recognition for my skill in that area. It was during one of these meetings that someone praised my work, which likely inspired the person (Joy Olaitan) who came up with the name to do so.

You were a worthy recipient of Ravanjie’s creativity. Lucky you.
What are your other interests apart from writing?

In addition to writing, I also have a passion for watching movies, particularly anime. Furthermore, playing the piano is another interest of mine. Also, I enjoy socializing and meeting new people.

What’s your favorite book?
When it comes to my favorite book, without a doubt, I would have to say “The Christ Commission” by Og Mandino. This book will always hold a special place in my heart. Despite the fact that it is quite uncommon and underrated, it is an extremely captivating read. Additionally, I find the book to be incredibly good and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great read..

What’s your favorite writing piece amongst the ones you’ve written?

Has to be this poem:


I cut myself in the wrist multiple times today, to take my life I guess.

Surprisingly, the taste of my own skin was unpleasant.

Like cement mixed with granite, the abrasive taste was as sharp as the metallic rust of my own blood

For each cut is a somber elegy sung to a depressing rhythm of needles, booze, and drugs.

Each slash accompanied by an enjoyable choreography of falling tear drops

The crimson colour of my blood painted my melancholy with blitzing bliss

Death is a whore on the streets of Ikeja and I am her most welcomed customer tonight

Hope is a cold lover who has chosen to abandon me in my peril

I’m dying, but I’ll smile
Because finally, I found the energy in my emptiness, and now, I can laugh at the junction of the never-ending hells.

Beautiful. I’m sure our readers didn’t expect to get a writer’s interview and a poem in one sitting. Thank you for sharing.

How do you combine writing with medical school?

This question is a bit difficult to answer.

Combining writing with medical school can be a challenging task. In fact, I have never personally attempted to do so. However, during the corona break in early 2020, I began writing as a hobby and didn’t pursue it seriously until the end of 2021, when ASUU strikes gave me the necessary time to do so. Despite this, I have yet to fully integrate writing with my studies. Don’t worry; I’ll answer this question at the end of the year.

I’ll remember to ask you again. What has your writing journey been like?

Regarding my writing journey, it has been unpredictable. Initially, I wrote for fun, composing poems for the women I had feelings for(dem no send me though because na breakfast I dey chop).

However, as an opportunity presented itself, I began writing as a means of earning money in 2021. While some days I find it enjoyable, on others it can be quite difficult. Despite the challenges, it is the unpredictability that makes the journey so amazing.

Do you have any love & relationship advice for the readers of Writer’s Interview?

Life is short. You never know when your time will come, so don’t waste it waiting for something that may or may not happen. Take initiative and put yourself out there –whether through dating apps, social events, or hobbies that align with your interests. Remember to always be true to yourself and open to new experiences and opportunities. Love may come when you least expect it, but it’s important to actively pursue it as well.

And…that’s it, folks. We hope you enjoyed this edition of writer’s interview. If you haven’t already, read some of Jomiloju’s works here.

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