Mystical Myths

Owu, a Yoruba Retelling of the Trojan War

“The Women Of Owu” tells the story of a war that started because of a beautiful woman and two men who felt cuckolded.

Sango, Osun, and Oba’s ears.

You know how people say you should not play favourites with family. Yeah, Sango believed he knew better. Osun was Sango’s favourite. And Oba didn’t like that very much.


Pantheon of the Orisha

Yoruba mythology features a lot of awesome gods with their personal powers and quirks and awesomeness. I shall be compiling a list of some important ones.

In the beginning…

Fun fact: Most creation myths have a story that features a great flood slaying humanity in a grand godly gesture. In the beginning, there was sky above and…

Yoruba; The Myth; The Legends

Fun Fact: Yoruba mythology has some roots (a few, but some) in Haiwaan mythology. So if you’ve watched Moana and love Hawaiian mythology, well, well, well… what can…