Impossible is nothing

As I meander through life’s travails, seeking to conquer new territories and expand my coast,
Impossible is nothing, I say to myself again and again,
I remind myself that with my mind set on something, the impossible is nothing,
There are no limits to what I can achieve as I believe infinitely that I am a winner.

I am a winner by design,
I conquer by nature,
I take what is mine,
Call me selfish, I call myself a survivor.

I survive in all circumstances that life throws at me,
I am a perfectly designed creation, I marvel at the little details
How the Creator took his time to make me,
So when I say impossible is nothing, best believe that I know it and I’ve seen it.

Hi there, it’s Adesewa here. Did you enjoy and relate to the poem above? Well, stick around, I have more like this in store for you. Check out more Poems and Original Stories from the MediVoice Creative Section here, see y’all.

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