Interview with Ayotunde Famokunwa, Gloryland Hall Chairman

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Famokunwa Ayotunde David, popularly known as A.Y Famzy. I’m from Osun state, Ilesha, to be precise, and I’m a member of the part 6 class.

Would you say you are a political person? And how would you describe your political activity?

I’m not someone people can describe as a regular politician with a particular way of speaking.

Some people might consider me a politician, maybe because of how they take some of the things I say. But generally, I don’t consider myself a politician. I consider myself to be a leader. An emerging leader, to be precise. I’ve been trying to develop my leadership skills over the years.

So you are the chairman of two powerful positions in IFUMSA and college as a whole. To be precise, you have two chairman titles now. You are both the IFUMSA quiz club and Gloryland Hall chairman. How do you feel about having two titles?

Anyone would feel happy to have both titles. On the surface, it’s a happy feeling to be a double chairman in medical school. It’s a huge honour.

But beyond just happiness, it’s actually something that many people run away from. Being the chairman of the IFUMSA quiz club has its stress, and this is the same for being the chairman of Gloryland hall. But I’ve considered the challenges, and I know I can handle them.

Yes, it’s a happy feeling, but beyond that, I recognize the responsibilities attached to both offices, and I’m happy about it because I get to serve people.

Concerning the recent Gloryland hall elections: It came with a lot of drama. Dental students wanted to run for executive positions in the hostel. Gloryland has a history of only medical students running for executive positions in the hostel. Now that you are the chairman of the hostel, what’s your take on the issue?

The issue is delicate and spicy. I’m neither the chairman of dental or medical students. I’m the chairman of Gloryland hostel, where medical and dental students reside.

The position comes with a lot of hurdles. Many people started seeing me as a very political person due to my take on the issue. But irrespective of what has happened in the past, Human beings are progressive. Dental students are occupants of Gloryland, and we can’t change this, and this has its effects. We can’t have a minority and deny them a voice in decision-making concerning what affects them.

One of my goals as hall chairman is that we create a free environment for all occupants of Gloryland. The opinions of dental students will always be heard. Although things won’t be easy, we will try to come to a lasting solution.

Many issues plague Gloryland. What do you think will be the biggest challenge for you?

I deal with challenges every day. I’ve been staying in Gloryland for a long time, and some of the problems every Gloryland administration faces are power and water. Especially power during exam periods. We are already working to find a lasting solution to the power issues of the hostel.

Another issue that might be challenging is the so-called disparity between medical and dental students concerning elections in Gloryland. We can solve this if all parties come together to find a lasting solution. Also, we plan on handling every unforeseen problem by taking the right steps to solve them as quickly as possible.

What are your plans for your administration?

One of the biggest problems we faced prior to the Gloryland elections was the struggle between dental and medical students about allowing dental students to run for elections in the hostel. I titled my manifesto a tranquil life. We can’t have a tranquil life if there is no light in the hostel, and definitely, if there is continuous fighting between dental and medical students, the hostel won’t be peaceful. My major goal is to make sure that everyone lives in peace with constant power, water, and no fighting. We will try our best to make plans that will always ensure that there is a constant power supply even during exams.

Who are other members of newly elected Gloryland Executives?

The other members of the executives include:

I, as the chairman.

Lawal OluwaSeyi as the deputy hall chairman

Olamiju Joshua as the General secretary

Orji Faith as the welfare secretary

Adeshina Tosin as the PRO 1

And Bassey Oku as the PRO 2

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