Michael Onasanya Emerges as the 33rd Editor-in-Chief of the IFEMED Journal Club

What comes to mind when you hear IFEMED Journal Club? If you are like most IFUMSAites, excellence should be the first thing that crosses your mind. With a track record of publishing a high impact journal, the club is well respected by students and doctors within and outside the University.

Here, with us, is the latest Editor-in-Chief (EIC) of the Club, Michael Onasanya, to share his thoughts on the election and his experience in the club so far.

Can we meet you?

I’m Michael Onasanya, the Editor-in-chief of the IFEMED journal club, an elite club of IFUMSA saddled with the responsibility of publishing medical journals year in, year out.

How would you describe your journey so far in IFEMED?

My journey at IFEMED has been that of passion for the club. I have loved the club since the first time I knew about it. I wasn’t picked at my first attempt of recruitment, but I didn’t let that discourage me. I got in at the second attempt, and ever since, I have given my commitment to the club and have held one position or the other at different points in time.

What are your thoughts on the just concluded editorial year?

Nothing short of brilliance, in my opinion. The last journal year was amazing. We had the Olikoye Ransome Kuti memorial competition and lecture, coupled with launching the CRITICAL CARE journal. Combining the competition and journal launch isn’t a small feat in the first place, but we pulled through, and It was massive. 

Also, despite the unique challenges we faced by reason of the COVID-19 pandemic, the approach the journal club adopted and how these novel challenges were tackled made the last journal year a SPECIAL ONE. Even the pandemic couldn’t stop the shine. We tried something new which was a record in the history of the club as it was the FIRST ONLINE JOURNAL LAUNCH and it was a huge success.

How did you feel the day of the election and when you were announced as the new EIC?

I felt really good that day. It was a pleasurable good feeling that I don’t know how to describe. I saw the position as a privilege and an honour to serve, and I’m delighted to be the next EIC.

IFEMED is known for its highly competitive recruitment process. How do you suggest medical students get involved in research without being a member of the club?

(Chuckles). IFEMED’s recruitment process is only competitive because the applicants are highly resourceful, and sometimes it becomes difficult for us to select who should be part of the club. For non-members who are interested in research, they can simply approach consultants who may incorporate them in their own research work, and from there, they can get exposed to research. That’s one simple way to be part of a research work. Also, IFEMED is working on allowing a few non-members to participate in her research work that would be published in her journal. Details will come on that later.

What else are you involved in asides from IFEMED?

I run an NGO, the Zeal’s project, which is about affecting young people positively in achieving their dreams. We do this through outreaches to kids on the streets, academic competitions at Secondary School level and online programs. I also run my own sport business.

What is your advice to IFUMSAites towards balancing their academics and any extracurriculars they are involved in?

Set your priorities right, know when to do things. Balancing things is about doing each aspect of one’s life at the right time. You can excel in academics and extracurricular activities when you simply don’t allow the time of one to eat into another.

Where do you see the club in 5 years?

Over the past years, IFEMED has continued to break ground and evolve. I am most convinced that the level of operation of the club in the next five years will be nothing short of top-notch excellence. IFEMED’s medical journalism will become more sought after by both national and international bodies.

Any last words?

Yes. Anywhere you find yourself, give your full commitment to the organization and ensure you are an active participant. There is always a reward to that. That’s one lesson being a member of IFEMED has taught me.

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